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WhatsApp vs Email: Boost Sales using the Right Communication Channel within Dynamics 365 CRM!

WhatsApp vs email

In the world of sales, the medium you choose for communication carries just as much weight as the message itself. Picking the right channel can make or break your connection with potential customers. Imagine trying to discuss a complex enterprise software solution over a quick text message or delivering a delicate sales pitch through an impersonal mass email. It simply wouldn’t resonate. Tailoring your communication medium to the situation, the audience, and the information you are presenting is crucial. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each medium, you can craft a communication strategy that resonates, builds trust, and ultimately leads to success. Remember, it’s not just about what you say, it’s about how you say it and where you say it.

In this blog article, we will explore why WhatsApp, compared to email, offers a more effective way for businesses to connect with their clients on a deeper level.

Benefits of using WhatsApp for B2C sales communication:

  • Global reach:  WhatsApp boasts a massive global user base of 2.78 billion, allowing businesses to connect with customers worldwide.
  • High engagement: WhatsApp boasts a near 98% open rate, and users are more likely to respond to messages than emails.
  • Personal and conversational: WhatsApp fosters a more personal and two-way communication style, allowing for real-time conversations and relationship building.
  • Community building: Businesses can create WhatsApp groups to foster a sense of community among their customers. This allows for interactive communication, feedback gathering, and brand loyalty building.
  • Broadcast messaging: You can send messages to large groups of customers at once, which is great for promotions and announcements.
  • Multimedia content: Sharing engaging and interactive content is easy with WhatsApp’s support for text, images, videos, documents, and links. This allows businesses to showcase their products or services in a compelling way.

While WhatsApp offers powerful B2C communication benefits, truly maximizing its potential requires seamless integration with your existing CRM tools, like Dynamics 365 CRM. Imagine this: a potential customer interacts with your brand via WhatsApp, expressing interest in a product. With integration, their information automatically pops up in your CRM, complete with conversation history and preferences. You can then personalize your follow-up, send targeted promotions, and even schedule appointments – all within the familiar Dynamics 365 CRM interface.

Curious to explore the scope of this integration?

Then look no further! WhatsApp4Dynamics app by Inogic is a comprehensive WhatsApp Business and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integration solution.

The app can help you get WhatsApp chat notifications, access a user-friendly Chat Interface within the CRM environment that is integrated with WhatsApp, chat with customers, store the entire conversation history in CRM, and send automated messages upon specific CRM events.

Here are some of the key features of the WhatsApp4Dynamics app:

WhatsApp Conversation Manager in CRM: No more jumping between platforms. Respond to WhatsApp messages, review chat history, and manage conversations all within CRM.

Get WhatsApp Chat Notifications in CRM: Never miss a client message. WhatsApp4Dynamics notifies users about the new incoming WhatsApp messages in Dynamics 365 CRM, ensuring swift replies.

Easy-To-Use Chat User Interface: Chat directly from CRM records, create records from chats, and more. A familiar chat interface within Dynamics 365 CRM makes communication effortless.

Track Communication with Historical Chat Sessions: Store chat history linked to each CRM record for easy reference. Review past conversations, track communication progress, and gain valuable customer insights.

Trigger & Send Automated Messages: Automate sending WhatsApp messages for order confirmations, appointment reminders, and more. Automate timely communication with clients.

Furthermore, WhatsApp4Dynamics provides versatile multilingual support, facilitating conversations with customers in their preferred languages. With advanced rich text formatting capabilities, you can craft engaging and visually appealing messages. The integration also allows seamless sharing of multimedia files through WhatsApp within Dynamics 365 CRM. Additionally, you can efficiently map new WhatsApp chats based on the associated mobile numbers, enhancing organization and accessibility.

By leveraging these features, WhatsApp4Dynamics empowers sales reps to communicate effectively with clients and enhance customer relationships using WhatsApp directly within Dynamics 365 CRM.

By bridging the gap between your trusted CRM and the preferred communication channel of your customers, WhatsApp integration empowers you to build deeper relationships, drive sales, and unlock the true potential of both platforms.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the impressive functionalities offered by WhatsApp4Dynamics, visit our online help site.

Are you interested in evaluating the application for your WhatsApp integration requirements? You can get it for a 15-day free trial by visiting our website or AppSource.

Should you have any questions regarding the integration of WhatsApp and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM or if you wish to request a personalized demonstration of the application, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at crm@inogic.com.

P.S. Now you can also send text messages directly from Dynamics 365 CRM with the help of TextSMS4Dynamics, a Dynamics 365 CRM and SMS integration app by Inogic. It enables you to view the full history of SMS conversations, schedule messages based on CRM events, and create CRM records from text messages.

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