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WhatsApp and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Transform How People and Businesses Engage Globally!


Waking up to WhatsApp notifications has become part of our morning ritual. In 2023, WhatsApp has reached 2.78 billion daily active users. Making it one of the most important and popular social media channels. WhatsApp has emerged as an integral part of all sizes of industries for their customer relation, running campaigns, and sales strategies.

Because WhatsApp is enjoyable, simple to use, and well-known, customers adore it. This makes it possible for businesses to communicate with customers in a direct and personal way. For example, send a welcome message when a new contact joins your list, a confirmation message when a customer orders, or a follow-up message when a customer gives feedback.

But how can you get started with WhatsApp for business? Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Define your objectives: Decide what you want to achieve with WhatsApp, such as increasing brand awareness, driving traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales.
  • Identify your target audience: Know who your ideal customers are and what they need from you. Use tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to get insights into your audience’s demographics, interests, and behaviour.
  • Download the WhatsApp Business App and set up your business account: It is a separate app from the regular WhatsApp app with some additional features for businesses.
  • Set up your business profile: Use the Tools section in the WhatsApp Business App to set up various features for your business. Create a business profile with your name, logo, description, address, website, email, and hours. Create a catalogue with your products or services with images, prices, and descriptions.
  • Create a communicational flow with automated messages for better results: Use automated messages to create a conversational flow that guides your customers through the sales funnel. Use triggers based on events or actions to send relevant messages at the right time.

WhatsApp is a flexible and powerful sales and marketing tool that can help companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

Here are a few scenarios of how WhatsApp can benefit companies:

  • A restaurant can send menus, take orders, confirm reservations, and provide discounts using WhatsApp.
  • A fitness center can use WhatsApp to send workout plans, nutrition advice, progress updates, and testimonials.
  • A real estate agent can use WhatsApp to send property listings, photos, videos, and virtual tours.
  • A travel agency can use WhatsApp to send travel advice, flight information, hotel reservations, and tour packages.

Consider using WhatsApp to boost your sales and marketing results. Here are a few of the best qualities:

Personal interaction:

WhatsApp allows you to have a chat-based interaction with your customers, which builds trust and engagement. You can also create a brand persona that reflects your values and tone of voice on WhatsApp.

Cost-effective marketing:

WhatsApp is an excellent choice for small businesses or startups because it is a low-cost marketing platform. You can also use WhatsApp to broadcast promotional messages, and send automated reminders and notifications.

Whatsapp text demo


Various media formats, including text, photos, video, and documents, are supported by WhatsApp. You can use these formats to create engaging and creative content for your customers. For example, you can send them a message like this:

Setup a WhatsApp Chatbot:

Make your sales and customer service available 24×7 with a WhatsApp chatbot. A chatbot can automatically respond to common queries, provide suggestions, and collect feedback. Designing your chatbot with a human-like conversation that feels natural makes it friendlier for customers.

Utilizing group chats:

Use WhatsApp to create group chats with your customers, prospects, or partners. This can help you build a community around your brand, foster relationships, and increase trust. Use group chats to share exclusive offers, sale updates, or giveaways.

Quick response and actions:

Create clickable buttons on WhatsApp that act as call-to-action (CTA) for your customers. For instance, a button that says “Buy Now” or “Get Offer” takes the user to a website or payment gateway. You can also provide a few quick responses that give customers options to choose from without typing a text message.

WhatsApp Business API:

This feature allows you to integrate your WhatsApp Business account with other applications and systems. You can use this feature to automate your workflows, connect with third-party tools, and scale your communication. For example, you can use the WhatsApp Business API to integrate with CRM systems, chatbot platforms, or payment gateways.

If you want to leverage WhatsApp integration with CRM to boost your sales and marketing, try Whatsapp4Dynamics. It’s the latest solution by Inogic that connects Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and WhatsApp Business, saving you from back and forth between CRM and WhatsApp. You can communicate seamlessly with your customers and prospects with Whatsapp4Dynamics directly from your CRM system.

Check out some of the popular features of WhatsApp4Dynamics :

  • Leverage a unified messaging ecosystem in CRM
  • Get the entire conversation history in one go within CRM
  • Never miss an update or a reply with WhatsApp prompts
  • Plan and schedule WhatsApp triggers based on CRM events and actions

Say goodbye 👋 to traditional long-form content and manual interaction. Welcome to WhatsApp’s short, interactive, and attractive communication. Take your business to new heights by starting a 15-day Free Trial now.

WhatsApp4Dynamics is also available on Microsoft Commercial Marketplace AppSource. Download it today!

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