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What’s New in OneNote Android

We are happy to share new updates to OneNote Android app. You can now capture notes at the speed of your thought with a refreshed notetaking canvas – that is easy to use and has a lot of new editing capabilities that you have been asking for.

In this blog post we will cover updates of the following features –

  1. Contextual Command Bar optimization
  2. Additional capture modalities (using + button)
  3. Real time note sharing
  4. Insert shapes in ink mode
  5. Insert tables
  6. Update font color and style
  7. Update page color and style

1.Command Bar optimization – All the text mode commands you need, such as checklists, bullet lists and text formatting, are available to you as you start typing a new note. These commands are dynamically brought on the fore front, as per the usage pattern to ensure you only see what’s important to you.

CCB Optimizations.gif

2.Additional capture modalities (using ‘+’ icon) – Introducing streamlined approach for quick capture and switching between different notes formats. Capture text, images, voice, ink, URLs, tables, attachments and annotate them all in one convenient note. Save time and reduce cognitive load with ‘+’ icon on your command bar.

Capture Modalities.gif

3.Real time note sharing – Click on the three-dot menu on the top right to access note level actions. You can now apply a page style, file the note to a different notebook, add the note to your home screen, delete, share your note in real time, enhancing collaboration and knowledge sharing and more.

Note Sharing.gif

4.Insert shapes in ink mode – Tap the ‘+’ icon on the top right to switch to ink mode. Select the newly introduced shapes icon to view a list of all the shapes you can add to your notes

Insert Shapes.gif

5.Insert tables – As you are typing a note, click on the table icon within your contextual command bar. By default, a 3X3 table will be inserted into your note, but you can add or delete rows/columns as per your need

Insert Tables.gif

6.Update font color and style – Let your notes reflect your style and personality. Tap on the text formatting option within your contextual command bar and select the fonts icon. You can change the style, color and size of your text, heading as per your choice to format your notes.


7.Update page color and style – Tap on triple dot menu to get page color option. Tap on the button, access a range of page color options, select the perfect hue to set the mood or choose from rule lines to enhance the structure of your notes

Page Color.gif

We’d love to hear from you!

We’re excited about the future of OneNote and look forward to hearing your feedback to make OneNote the best place for your notes. Please continue to tell us what you think through the in-app feedback and in the comments below!

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