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What is Microsoft Power Apps Developer Plan?


The Power Apps Developer Plan gives us the free development environment to build and test with Power Apps, Power Automate, and Microsoft Dataverse.

This enables us to,

  • Create Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate Flows without writing code, using the development tools and can easily share and collaborate the solutions with other developers.
  • Connect to any data source by using Power Platform connectors or by creating your own custom connectors.
  • Use a fully managed, scalable data platform with Dataverse, including OOB common tables or can build our own data schema.
  • Export the solutions that you create in the developer environment and publish them on Microsoft AppSource.

Below are the features available in the Power Apps Developer Plan,

Key features:

FunctionalitiesDeveloper Environment
Create and test appsYes. You can create unlimited apps for development and test purposes.
Share appsYes
Use DataverseYes
Model your data using DataverseYes
Enterprise-grade administration of the environment and user policiesYes


FunctionalitiesDeveloper Environment
Connect to Office 365, Dynamics 365, and other connectorsYes
Connect to cloud-based services like Azure SQL, Dropbox, Twitter, and many moreYes
Use premium connectors like Salesforce, DB2 and many moreYes
Access on‐premises data using an on-premises gatewayYes
Create custom connectors to connect to your own systemsYes


FunctionalitiesDeveloper Environment
Create and run applications In Power Platform, Dynamics 365, Teams, or Standalone using the .Net SDK or OData APIYes
Model your data in DataverseYes
Create a database in DataverseYes
Create and use dataflowsNo


FunctionalitiesDeveloper Environment
Add coworkers as environment makers and adminsYes
Add coworkers to the database rolesYes
Supports data policies established by the Office 365 administratorYes
Establish data policies for the developer environmentYes

Capacity Limits:

Flow runs/month750
Database size2 GB

Note: We cannot increase capacity by applying add-ons to the quantities that we include. If we hit the capacity limits, we have to purchase the Power Apps Per User Plan.

Below are some of the important key points on the Developer Environments.

1. Anyone with a work orschool email address backed by Microsoft Entra ID can sign up for the Power Apps Developer Plan.

2. The capacity entitlements of the developer environment, whether we used or not, doesn’t contribute to our company’s overall quota.

3. Environments created using the Power Apps Developer Plan that are inactive for the last 90 days will be deleted after notifying the environment owners.

4. We can create up to 3 Developer environments in the Power Platform admin center.

Hope you have understood the use of Microsoft Power Apps Developer Plan Environment.

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