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Web Service Access Key deactivation begins Oct 1st 2022

Web Service Access key (WSAK) deprecation was announced over 2 years ago now.  This has been postponed twice and will begin to get disabled in all tenants after Oct 1st, 2022.

Deprecated features in client, server, database – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

Users may start to see notifications in Business Central if they have a WSAK enabled on their user card.  This can happen whether the user is actually utilizing the WSAK or not.  The notification will allow them to click into a Wizard walk-through that will remove the WSAK from their user card.

Partners can use telemetry to determine if WSAK calls are being made into the environments.  Find example KQL here:  BCTech/AuthenticationWithWebServiceKey.kql at master · microsoft/BCTech · GitHub

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