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VAT Reporting for Multiple Tax Registrations in Single Legal Entity | September 29, 2021


Anastasia Yashenina – Senior Program Manager

Adam Trukawka – Principal Program Manager

Elizaveta Golub – Senior Program Manager

Anna Limonova – Engineering Lead

During this session we introduce and explain a new functionality of VAT reporting for multiple tax registrations in single legal entity that was added to Dynamics 365 Finance.

This functionality can help companies who established tax registrations in many foreign tax jurisdictions and operate under transfer pricing or limited risk distributor (LRD) model, to automate the process of VAT reporting. Starting from 10.0.21 One Version service update you can use this feature to generate VAT declarations, Intrastat reports and Intra-community recapitulative statements for multiple tax jurisdictions in single legal entity. Join us to learn more!


Download Presentation (pdf)


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