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Monitor is one feature that comes in super handy when end-users complain about an issue which is difficult to ask end users to send across logs from the browser.

And here’s where Monitor comes in handy!
Let’s see how this works through this simple blog post!!

Capture events from Monitor in Model Driven Apps

Here’s how you can Monitor in Model-driven apps’ Monitor to capture issues on an End User

  1. You can go to Power Apps Maker Portal (https://make.powerapps.com/) and make sure you are switched to the intended environment.
  2. Then, select Apps on the left hand pane and expose all the Apps. Select the Model-Driven app you want to enable Monitor for. Once you select, you can then drop down from Details flyout menu and click on Monitor.
  3. Once you click on Monitor, it opens the Monitor application itself where all the logs you work on will be captured. And you can also notice that there’s a Play model-driven app button as well to enter in Debug mode.
  4. It opens the Model-driven app in a new tab and asks you to confirm if you want to join the debug session.
  5. Once you click on Join, it’ll run the app in debug mode and you can see the Monitor tab and notice that it has started capturing the logs based on your operations in the Model-driven app session you are running in parallel.
  6. And when you go about working in the model-driven app, it’ll keep capturing the traffic just like on a browser’s Network in Dev Tools
  7. Now I deliberately added an erroneous code in my custom JS so that I could capture an exception in the monitor.
  8. And if you look at the monitor, you’ll see that this has been captured.
  9. And this is the wrong script I entered so that my code wouldn’t find the incorrect field name and throw an error when I try to retrieve value from an attribute that doesn’t exist (without null checking if the attribute exists or not)
  10. However, best use case is when you ask end-users to join your session. Let’s see in the next session on how you can achieve this.

Invite Users to your Debug session

In the Model-driven apps monitor, here’s how you can invite other users to join your session –

  1. In the Monitor, you’ll see Invite or Connect to a User. For this example, I’ll choose Connect user option.
  2. Then, I can simply search for the User whom I want to generate a join link for.
  3. Now, once this user is added, you’ll see a copy link option to copy the link and pass it on to the user who needs to join.
  4. Once the end user has this link, then can join the session and they’ll see this message on their Dynamics model-driven app
  5. And similarly, once they start reproducing the issue, you can start capturing the traffic on your end.

Hope this was useful! In order to fully understand the capabilities of Monitor for model-driven apps, here’s Microsoft’s official documentation – https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/power-apps/maker/monitor-collaborative-debugging?WT.mc_id=DX-MVP-5003911

Hope this was useful!

Thank you!

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