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Upgrade your BYOD rooms: Introducing entry-level Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions

Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to deliver the most inclusive and collaborative hybrid meeting experience across shared spaces of all sizes. Some organizations opt for a less formal set-up, offering “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) spaces, where employees bring their laptops into a room to connect to a display or projector, and, in some cases, a speakerphone and camera. When using these BYOD rooms to attend meetings, users often find themselves wanting a better meeting experience. Customers tell us that they haven’t upgraded these rooms to a full Teams Rooms experience due to prohibitive installation costs and limited budget for new investments. We now have a solution for those customers.

We are thrilled to introduce competitively priced Teams Rooms offerings for under $1,000 USD to upgrade those BYOD spaces. These entry-level Teams Rooms solutions help organizations easily extend the Teams Rooms experience to more shared work and meeting spaces so users can enjoy richer audio and video and take advantage of Teams Rooms features such as One-touch Join and Front Row.

Our device partners now deliver exciting Certified for Microsoft Teams solutions based on the 12th generation Intel® Core™ i3 processors. We expect customers will love these new options, as they are easy and affordable to deploy, and can help users be their most productive. This new category of competitively priced solutions can be an important part of an organization’s shared space planning, delivering a great Microsoft Teams Rooms experience that enables a single front-of-room display.

MAXHUB, a partner announced in July, is the first to offer a solution for small, shared spaces with the MAXHUB XCore Kit, Certified for Microsoft Teams, starting at $799 USD. This entry-level Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows kit is based on a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i3 processor compute and features a 10.1-inch console. It’s designed to easily upgrade your BYOD room with existing audio and video already installed in the room. MAXHUB also offers a solution that includes video and audio peripherals starting at $1299 USD. Installation is simplified with the tabletop console using a single USB cable to connect to the compute device, display, and camera/speakerphone.

The MAXHUB XCore KitThe MAXHUB XCore Kit

For Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android, Yealink now offers their Android-based, integrated, easy-to-install Yealink MeetingBar A10 that includes a camera, a microphone, speakers and a compute, including the CPT18 tabletop touch console, for just $999 USD. In locales where available,¹ IT admins can purchase the device directly from the Teams Devices Store inside the Teams admin center.

Yealink MeetingBar A10 with the CPT18 Touch ConsoleYealink MeetingBar A10 with the CPT18 Touch Console

We also expect other OEMs to offer great solutions in this sub $1,000 price band for smaller, single display spaces in the future. And of course, IT admins can proactively monitor and manage all these devices with Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management.²

With the availability of entry-level Teams Rooms at these competitive prices, we expect that our device partners can comprehensively address the needs of our customers, ensuring exceptional meetings with a full Microsoft Teams Rooms experience in any type of space.

¹ Currently available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. Soon to be available in Italy, Ireland, France, Portugal, Austria, Spain, Greece, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
² Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro Management is available for Teams Rooms Pro licensed customers.

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