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Upgrade process when the Cloud Migration Tool is enabled in Business Central

I want to call attention to changes that were made in 19.0 when utilizing the Cloud Migration Tool.  Regardless of where you are migrating from, (NAV, On Prem BC, GP) and you have the Cloud Migration Tool enabled, we will be prohibiting you from upgrading and this is for your protection. 

The intent for enabling the Cloud Migration Tool is to take data from an On Prem solution and migrate that data to the Saas version of Business Central.  To protect the integrity of the data while migrating, we will suspend any upgrades to tenants that have the Cloud Migration Tool ‘enabled’.  If this happens, you will receive an email stating the following:

Business Central failed to be updated. The reason for the failure is being determined. You will receive another notification when the update has been rescheduled.

This email could mean a few things but one thing you can check is to see if the Cloud Migration Tool is enabled.  If it is and you are in the middle of a migration implementation, the message would be valid, and you should proceed with your migration on your current version of BC Saas. 

If you are not migrating and the tool is enabled, simply disable the Cloud Migration Tool and allow the next scheduled upgrade to proceed.  The very last step to a migration process is to disable the tool and initialize the company but we are seeing instances where these steps are missed. 

If for some reason you want to upgrade the Business Central Saas tenant, but you are not done migrating from your On Prem environment, it is recommended to delete your company in Saas, disable the Cloud Migration Tool and let the environment upgrade.  Once the upgrade has been applied to the tenant, simply enable the Cloud Migration Tool again and start the migration process over with the new version of BC Saas. This will insure both the source and target of the data will be compatible and migrated properly. 

I hope this information is helpful and let us know if there are any questions. 

Warm Regards,

Deseree Krumm

Support Escalation Engineer

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Center


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