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Updated content for the SharePoint Web UI kit!

We’re excited to announce that our UI kit has been updated with some great new additions! The goal of this update is to help you design a broader selection of SharePoint sites and pages quickly and easily.

The new update includes: 

1. Team site navigation and page layouts 

Team sites are an important part of the SharePoint experience and we wanted to provide them as soon as possible. You can now design communication, team, and hub sites. 

1. team site.png

2. Smaller viewports for tablet and mobile 

We understand that not all SharePoint users are viewing the site on desktop devices. We’ve made it easier to visualize a site at different sizes with new templates and layouts, updated web parts, and guidance for smaller devices. 

2. viewports.png3. Updated guidance for web parts 

We have updated the guidance across the SharePoint Web UI kit to reflect the additions of team site navigation and smaller view ports including tablet and mobile. 

3. documentation.png

Why use the Figma SharePoint Web UI kit? 

Figma is a subscription-based application that is the industry standard tool for web design. It provides an alternative to designing sites and pages outside of SharePoint. Figma does not build the pages in SharePoint, so once you finalize a design in Figma, you will need to build it in SharePoint. You should evaluate if Figma is the right solution for mocking up sites and pages for SharePoint.  

Design without organizational limitations 

This UI kit provides SharePoint users with another tool in their toolbox. While building a page in SharePoint is easy, we wanted to provide the ability to mockup sites and pages. It allows you to explore different design options for your site without the limitation of admin privileges and tenant restrictions and doesn’t expose organization data.  

Figma mockups provide a quick snapshot of SharePoint updates which business stakeholders can use to plan and make decisions. They can provide appropriate requirements and use this UI kit in collaboration with their design team to iterate in the life cycle of your organization’s intranet. 

Share designs with ease 

This UI kit provides you with page layouts and a selection of web parts to allow you to mockup and share new ideas across organizations and companies. Figma gives you the flexibility of reviewing and sharing your designs without having to spend time and resources creating it in SharePoint. Figma also allows you to download your designs into easy-to-use formats that can be used in documentation and presentations.  

Learn more at: https://www.figma.com/ 

To get started with our updated UI kit, simply download the latest version from the Figma Microsoft Community website: SharePoint Web UI Kit – Figma.

Community feedback:

Please tell us what’s missing, what doesn’t work for you, and where your biggest challenges are by leaving a comment on the Figma SharePoint Web UI kit page or by  visiting the SharePoint Community.  

We hope you enjoy our latest update and look forward to seeing what you create with it! 

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