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Undo Bank Reconciliation in Business Central.

If you find a mistake in a posted bank reconciliation, you can correct it using the Undo action on the Bank Acc. Statement page.

Steps to undo a Bank reconciliation:

1. Go to ‘Bank Account’ from the global search icon.

2. Select the bank account for which you want to undo the statement.

3. Open the Bank account Card Page, select ‘Bank Account’ and then ‘Statement’

4.Select the statement for the bank account reconciliation that you want to reverse, and select Undo.

5. Select Yes

When you undo a previously posted bank reconciliation, the entries are relocated to the Bank Reconciliation page and are marked as Open, indicating that they have not been reconciled. The bank reconciliation can then be corrected and re-posted.

The bank account card provides the bank statement number and the balance from the last bank reconciliation. This indicates that the new bank reconciliation has a different number than the cancelled one. You can use the Change Statement No. action on the Bank Acct. Reconciliation page to use the same number as the cancelled bank reconciliation.

Follow these steps to modify the number of a bank account reconciliation:

1. Go to Global Search icon and type in Bank Account Reconciliation, and then select the relevant link.

2.Change Statement No. after selecting Actions.

3. Enter the number you want to use in the New Statement No. area, then click OK.

The Last Statement No. and Balance Last Statement fields on the bank account card are updated after the bank reconciliation is posted. This means that if the bank reconciliation you just completed isn’t the most recent, you may need to manually edit the Last Statement No. and Balance Last Statement fields on the bank account card.

Thank you.

Hope this helps!

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