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Understand inventory on hand form columns (Status) in Microsoft dynamics 365 finance and operations

In this blog we will go back to our basics , for long time I was confused about column available on inventory on hand form. How these columns get impacted by every transaction.

I have tried explaining this using new product and creating new transactions and showing up the impact.

Note: If these is something wrong please let me know happy to update.

Step-1: Created one sales order with 10 QTY

Impacted column: On order

Step-2: Now lets add 10 QTY against the product and see impact

Impacted column: Available physical, Available physical on exact dimensions, Available for reservation, Total available

Step-3: Since we have stock available of 20 QTY , so lets reserve 5 QTY against sales order

Column Impacted: Available physical, Available physical on exact dimensions, On order, Available for reservation

Step-4: Now out 10 QTY on order (Sales order) , 5 we will full fill from Stock but now create PO for remaining 5

Column Impacted: Ordered in Total, On order, ordered reserved, Total available

Here is the final summary of all the steps (Download Excel file for same)

That’s it for this blog, hope this will give you good idea about inventory statuses.

Thank you !!! Keep reading and sharing !!!

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