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Tracked Properties in Power Automate Flow Step


If you are new to Power Automate and are wondering how Tracked Properties are and how they work?

Tracked Properties are data properties which are hidden away from the Input/Output sections of the Flow and which you can explicitly retrieve in a Flow Run.

Here’s a post to explain the same!

Tracked Properties

Below are what Tracked Properties are –

  1. If you look at the Settings section of different Actions, you’ll see Tracked Properties.
  2. And you’ll see Tracked Properties at the bottom once all Action specific Settings are listed.
  3. Here, you can create and store your own properties and it’s value. It’s value could also be results of preceding steps or from expressions.
    See example below –
  4. Once you create these Properties, here’s how you can retrieve the same.

Retrieving Tracked Properties

Here’s how you can retrieve Tracked Properties –

  1. You need to address using actions() method in Power Automate to read Tracked Properties of a certain step.
    Hence, the syntax is “action('')?['TrackedProperties']
  2. You can store it in an Object variable and see the result as below
  3. Or, if you want to retrieve only a specific property, you can mention the same in the expressions itself.
  4. And it’ll show up like this (In anything stores Integer / String)

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!

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