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TechTalk Series: Commerce Extensions – Microsoft Dynamics Blog

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 FastTrack TechTalk Series – Commerce Extensions

The new Commerce SDK and sealed installers simplify the Commerce developer and upgrade experience, with the new SDK the effort involved to upgrade is greatly minimized and it will saves lot of time and effort spent on the upgrade process and it brings the .NET development experience to the Commerce SDK with integration to Git, Azure DevOps, VS code etc.

The big difference between the new Commerce SDK and the legacy SDK is that extensions can be developed independently and deployed – this will save lot of development time in upgrade and deployment, similarly the new Sealed installers separates the extension from the base installers, so base and extension installers can be independently installed and serviced, no need of any merge or combined packaging. 

Benefits of new SDK – Why should I migrate:

  • Seamless update experience, core application and extensions can be independently updated without any code merge. No need to update extensions to update the core applications. This will reduce the time spent on update.
  • Improved performance, if extensions are migrated to the new SDK and .NET Standard 2.0 then CSU can be upgraded to the new ASP. Net Core 3.1 which provides better API performance.
  • Extensions are published to GitHub and public feed, so need of LCS to get the SDK updates which saves of lot time, SDK updates can be done in minutes.
  • The new Sealed installers are headless, there is no UI, Sealed installers works great for Mass deployment.
  • Separate headless installers for extensions using the new installer framework.
  • Automated packaging and configuration of Commerce runtime and Hardware station extensions for Modern POS
  • Improved build times.
  • Improved Dev experience, extensions can now use VS Code for CSU extensions, Git for Source code management and Azure DevOps for build automation.                                                

We are doing the series below to deep dive into the new Commerce SDK and learn how to migrate the extensions from the legacy SDK to the new SDK:

Part 1: Overview of the CRT and POS Extension with the New Sealed SDKRecording Available
Part 2: Commerce POS Extension deep dive with the new Independent POS SDKRegister Now
Part 3: Migrate POS Extension to the new Independent POS SDKRegister Now
Part 4: Packages and Build pipeline automation
Part 5: HWS Extension Deep dive
Part 6: CRT and RS Deep dive – Commerce API and Business logic extension

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