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Mastering your DAX skills: deep dive into evaluation context – Power BI Bootcamp 2022

Concepts of Row and Filter context as well as Context Transition are the basis of any efficient DAX measure! However, there are surprisingly many people who obtain a desired result without a clear understanding what has happened. This session...

Advanced Data Visualisation Techniques in Power BI – Power BI Bootcamp 2022

When it comes to visualising data, many Power BI reports don’t reflect the great work that happened behind the scenes and fall short on the UX/UI aspect. In this session we’ll start with the basics of what makes an...

Power BI & Azure Databricks – A Magical Union – Power BI Bootcamp 2022

Azure Databricks is a powerful technology that is used by both Data Engineers and Data Scientists to perform their jobs. On one hand Data Engineers use it to transform and structure data, on the other hand Data Scientists use...

The advantages of integrating Power BI with Power Automate – Power BI Bootcamp 2022

In this session, I will show how to create and use power automate flows to take your Power BI reporting solutions to the next level During this session, you will find out: 1- How to send data from a...

Key Data Structures for Optimal Model Performance in Power BI – Power BI Bootcamp

Understanding key data structure concepts is critical for any modeller who wants to efficiently perform data analysis in Power BI. The session will cover: 1. Key basic concepts behind different types of data 2. The importance of data types...

Analyzing Data with Power BI – Power BI Bootcamp 2022

This Session introduces Data Modeling Fundamentals to help you get started with Reporting in Power BI; – Cardinality and types – Cross Filter direction – Column property – Hide columns – Calculated column – Create measure – Create Date Table #PowerCommunity #365Technology #PowerPlatform #Dynamics365 #PowerBI https://www.powercommunity.com/

Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners – Power BI Bootcamp 2022

In this session, Aroh Shukla (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) will make a complete tour of the Power BI platform & ecosystem. You will see some demos on Power BI Desktop (Power Query, Data Modelling, DAX, Data Visualisation). Create a...
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Create Brand Profiles in Customer Insights – Journeys to Create Cohesive Brand Experiences

In this blog, we will learn about one of the new features introduced by Microsoft in Dynamics 365 in...
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