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Power Automate: The Power Of Child Flows – Power Automate Bootcamp

Want to truly have reusable flows? Does your run history look chaotic? Trying to troubleshoot a bulky flow can be a pain. Using child Flows solves all this plus more! In this session we will look at: – Why...

Power Automate Approvals Deep Dive – Power Automate Bootcamp

Power Automate approvals is a powerful functionality allowing business processes designers to easily assign a task to anyone in the organization and then design process based on the outcomes. Assuming that assigned person will complete a task is bad...

Tips & Tricks For Creating Efficient Flows in Power Automate – Power Automate Bootcamp

In this session, I will talk about tips and tricks for creating efficient flows in Power Automate. The session includes items like workarounds, tips for debugging and resolving errors in general and with specific connectors. At the end of...

Powering Up Processes with Power Automate – Power Automate Bootcamp

Recently I was working through a process and it took me hours. The further I got in, the more I thought “Why am I doing this manually?” So rather than spending the time manually processing, I spent the time...

Integrate Teams, Virtual Agents, Forms, and Power Automate – Power Automate Bootcamp

I am planning to create Power Virtual Agent on Teams which provides Microsoft funding info and templates to fill and create opportunities on Microsoft Partner Center. #PowerCommunity #365Technology #PowerPlatform #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/
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5 Benefits of In-App Notifications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users

For a successful sales process, you need to stay up-to-date with crucial sales information like deal closures, opportunities won,...
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