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Building Project Operation POCs With Power Automate – Power Automate Bootcamp

The Project Operations data model is difficult. While a ProjOps consultant should know its data model well, a developer working on a plethora of different D365 1st apps might not know how the ProjOps data model works and what...

Power Automate vs Logic Apps: What To Use? – Power Automate Bootcamp

In this session, we’ll highlight the key differences between Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps with use cases based on my professional experience. We’ll cover topics like licensing model, creation, restrictions, trigger types, error handling, and many more! #PowerCommunity...

Build Your First Independent Publisher Connector – Power Automate Bootcamp

Microsoft has announced the Independent Publisher Connector program in July 2021 and since then a lot of new connectors were published through this program. What is an Independent Publisher Connector? How does it work to consume one? And how...

Robotic Process Automation AKA Power Automate Desktop – Power Automate Bootcamp

This session will cover a hands-on session for Power Automate Desktop (PAD). An interactive hands-on session in which PAD or RPA or automation enthusiast will leave by learning something the basics of PAD 🙂 PreReq: Download and install PAD...

Automating Help Desk in Financial Services with Teams and Power Platform – Power Automate Bootcamp

Help desk workflows in financial services is a far more complex service in some financial services and handled over emails. Streamlining this using Power Automate and Teams Planner provided simplified workflows and provided transparency into the inner workings of...

Top 5 Business Use Cases – Automate Using Power Automate – Power Automate Bootcamp

In this session, I’ll be discussing about top 5 business use cases related to Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Microsoft Teams and Power Apps Portals that we can automate using Power Automate. 1. Automate Portal Authentication and Invitation 2. Bind external...

AI Builder and Power Automate, Better Together – Power Automate Bootcamp

With no doubt, the use of Artificial Intelligence is being democratized across different products and services. Specifically, in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem the combination of Power Automate and AI Builder can optimize significantly our business processes. In this practical...

Getting Started with Custom Connectors – Power Automate Bootcamp

In this session, we will learn how to get started with custom connectors. In the process of the presentation, we will build a custom connector from scratch. I will pinpoint some findings I had during recent creations of different...

Microsoft Keynote Power Automate Bootcamp – Power Automate Bootcamp

#PowerCommunity #365Technology #PowerPlatform #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/

How To Monitor Your Integrations Solutions with Automation Account – Power Automate Bootcamp

In this session, we will address how you can monitor your integrations solutions using Azure Integration Account running PowerShell Runbooks and Logic Apps to notify inconsistencies in your solutions. #PowerCommunity #365Technology #PowerPlatform #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/
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