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Dynamics 365 breathes composability into enterprise resource planning modernization

Retail executives have long understood the critical role that supply chain management plays in their organization's ability to meet customer demand. Yet, as central as the supply chain is to success in most companies, customers rarely consider it when...

Power BI April 2022 Feature Summary

Welcome to the April 2022 update. We are excited to announce New format pane and Power BI Goals updates, tooltips drill actions support for more build-in visuals, error bars for clustered column and bar charts preview feature, general availability...

Announcing the AAD User Virtual Table Find and add any AAD user to your records.

We are happy to announce support for an Azure Active Directory – AAD  User virtual table for Dataverse. The AAD User table makes it easy to retrieve any user in your organization’s...
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5 Benefits of In-App Notifications for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users

For a successful sales process, you need to stay up-to-date with crucial sales information like deal closures, opportunities won,...
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