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Devops Bootcamp 2022


To Flow or Not to Flow? ALM Considerations and Approaches for Power Automate and Azure Logic Apps

As professional developers, we are encouraged to leverage Power Automate flows as our first preference tool within the Power Platform for any automation needs. However, this approach can pose potential challenges when it comes to adopting an automated ALM...

Power Platform – Continuous Testing – ALM & DevOps Bootcamp 2022

Continuous Testing is the process of executing automated tests as part of your ALM/DevOps processes, the purpose of this session is to cover some of the different levels of automated tests and how they can be applied to your...

Power Apps Portal Build Tools – Portal ALM – ALM & DevOps Bootcamp

In this session, you’ll learn 1. How to automate your portal deployment using Power Apps CLI. 2. Significance and Use of deployment profile in portal deployment. 3. PowerApps Portals Build Tools – A FREE Azure DevOps Extension that empowers...

Understanding source control for projects and Pipelines – ALM & DevOps Bootcamp 2022

In this session we will go through how to Create an Azure DevOps organization Align Azure DevOps work items How to Integrate source control CI/CD: Understand how Pipelines facilitate Continuous Implementation and Continuous Deployment. Push a code Repo from...

Let’s start with ALM! – ALM & DevOps Bootcamp 2022

Are you a Citizen Developer and new to Microsoft Dataverse? Have you just created and shared your first PowerApps and Power Automate flows? Then the whole chapter of application lifecycle management is certainly completely new to you. That’s okay,...

Enterprise Power Platform development at scale – ALM & DevOps Bootcamp 2022

Enterprise-scale application development needs to rely on ALM techniques to improve time to value, stability and quality by reducing manual testing and deployments. In this session, you will learn how an enterprise mix skilled team rely on Azure DevOps,...

Building and Deploying your first Azure Static Web App with Angular & Azure Function – ALM & DevOps

In this session, we will explore how easy it is to build and deploy an application using one of the famous javascript frameworks paired with Azure Function as your serverless backend API. I will also show some key features...

MicroDevOps – Fast-track your Microservice deployment to Azure using Azure DevOps – ALM & DevOps

Microservice is a blazing topic today. From SMEs to large corporations, building solution in microservice architecture has been the trend. However, how to quickly build and deploy the microservice to production across different environments have been a challenge. In...

Azure and Containers, The Two Inseparable Friends – ALM & DevOps Bootcamp 2022

Containers are getting widespread really fast, in fact companies are more willing to run their application in a container than a Virtual Machine. Microsoft Azure has been one of the vanguards in the containerization services and we’re proud to...

ALM for Power Platform – ALM & DevOps Bootcamp 2022

ALM is one of the key ingredients for successful adoption of Power Platform. It is also one of things that is often challenging to implement on many projects. The ALM story is also continuously evolving with many features and...
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