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Accelerating transformation with Higher Education Accelerator – Dataverse Summit 2021

Through this session, we will be looking at Microsoft’s Education Accelerator, its impact and relevance in the current and post-pandemic Higher Education sector, its limitations and how we have extended the higher education accelerator for the purpose of creating...

Are You Afraid of Managed Solutions? – Dataverse Summit 2021

Are You Afraid of Managed Solutions? Tom Northrup from Dynamic Consultants Group will deliver a deep dive into managed solutions and best practices for application lifecycle management when working with managed solutions. #PowerCommunity #365Technology #Dataverse #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/

Digital Data Transformation for Nonprofits – Dataverse Summit 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged nonprofits and NGOs to adapt their operations and their services like never before. This session will discuss the digital transformation needs of nonprofits, the challenges that they face in making the most of their...

Digital Transformation with Dataverse for Teams – Dataverse Summit 2021

Srikumar Nair is principal GPM on Microsoft Dataverse team and author of a new book “Digital Transformation with Dataverse for Teams”, which was published earlier this month. He will be speaking about how digital transformation is a necessity and...

Power Virtual Agents in Teams: Creating a no-code chatbot – Dataverse Summit 2021

Meet the newest member of your team: a chatbot! Microsoft Teams makes it easy to build and deploy your own Power Virtual Agents for you and your colleagues to use. In this session we’ll explore the Power Virtual Agents...

Customer Service Data structures and common customizations – Dataverse Summit 2021

World renowned Customer Services Expert Neil Parkhurst Presents Dynamics 365 Customer Service – Data structures and common customizations. Dynamics 365 Customer Service Dataverse tables explained along with some useful tips on how to approach some commonly requested customizations. #PowerCommunity...

Let’s automate all your D365 and M365 documents – with Dataverse, PowerAutomate, Power Apps & dox42!

Real life business processes require the generation of documents like quotes, reports, contracts, emails, etc… Use dox42 to automatically generate these documents with data from all sources by simply clicking a button directly in your Dynamics 365 applications, in...

Dataverse Entities of Project Operations Lite – Dataverse Summit 2021

Presenting a birds-eye view of the common entities for Project Operations Lite! #PowerCommunity #365Technology #Dataverse #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/

Dynamics 365 Financial Services Accelerator Overview – Dataverse Summit 2021

Dynamics 365 Financial Services Accelerator is built in the Dataverse to rapidly develop Banking solutions using entities such as loan, mortgage, referrals, branch, collateral, deal, limit, facilities, and more. #PowerCommunity #365Technology #Dataverse #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/

Security Concepts & Data Access in Microsoft Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2021

One of the key features of Dataverse is its rich security model that can adapt to many business usage scenarios. This security model is only in play when there is a Dataverse database in the environment. As an administrator,...
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