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Dataverse Summit Keynote with James Oleinik & Nirav Shah – Dataverse Summit 2022

We are excited to announce the Microsoft Dataverse Summit Keynote with Director of Microsoft Dataverse Product Management, James Oleinik & Nirav Shah! #Dataverse #Powerplatform #Microsoft365 https://www.powercommunity.com/

PCF controls – Hands-On for Pro developers – Dataverse Summit 2021

This is a call for Pro developers! The idea of this session is to demonstrate how to create PCF controls, include them in a pipeline and import in a real Dynamics 365 application. In this session you will see:...

The Dataverse ALM and Governance Story – Dataverse Summit 2021

Is Dataverse the new Lotus Notes? Absolutely not! Microsoft ensured that this would never happen. To avoid the pitfall of other productivity products that proliferate and go out of control, Microsoft has spent a significant amount of investment in...

Power Platform alternatives to SSRS reporting – Dataverse Summit 2021

SSRS used to be a “go to” tool on a lot of Dynamics CRM, and, later, Power Platform projects. We used it to create reports, and it has been invaluable in developing pixel-perfect print forms. Still, it’s an older...

New FakeXrmEasy Architecture Overview and Roadmap – Dataverse Summit 2021

Hi! This is Jordi, the author of FakeXrmEasy: the leading open source software for test driven development of the Dataverse / Dynamics / xRM that is both trusted by tech giants and loved by developers. I’m super excited to...

Enrich your dev experience using Dataverse DevTools – Dataverse Summit 2021

Let’s take a first look at the newly created Dataverse DevTools for VS Code and how you can use it to enrich your development experience. We will dive into all the things you can do with it. Also, at...

Test your code with FakeXrmEasy – Dataverse Summit 2021

The second contributor to the biggest unit testing library for Microsoft Dataverse, FakeXrmEasy, will demonstrate how to write unit tests so that you can deliver your code with confidence. Also using MSBuild.AlbanianXrm.Coverage to easily setup test coverage report so...

Cosmos DB with Power Platform and Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2021

Did you know that Power Platform can read Cosmos DB data directly using virtual tables, and can read and write Cosmos DB directly using Connectors. This session will show you how to link your app makers to Cosmos DB...

Getting started with Fiddler for Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2021

In this session, we will take a look at fiddler and how it could be used to speed up your frontend development for Dataverse by injecting the local version of your web resources into your browser. This will eliminate...

Querying your data in Dataverse – FetchXML, SQL, Data Lake & beyond! – Dataverse Summit 2021

You can query your Dataverse data using FetchXML and OData, but what about if you need larger-scale extracts, complex queries or integrations? Dataverse offers a range of solutions for this too – exporting your data to SQL databases, querying...
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Preferred Solution | New feature | Microsoft Dataverse

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