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Code Analytics for Power Platform Development – Dataverse Summit 2022

Apply best practices for your power platform projects, focused on hands on development. Topics: – Importance of a stable plugin base infrastructure – Domain project (early bound entities) – Common coding issues – Solution structure for enterprise scale projects...

How to Create Power Platform Web Hooks with Dataverse Plugins – Dataverse Summit 2022

In this Session, I will Cover how to Create Microsoft Flow and Azure Functions then how we can access the same from Plugins using Web Hooks. #Dataverse #Powerplatform #Microsoft365 https://www.powercommunity.com/

ALM for CDS/Dyn365 using Azure DevOps Pipelines – Dataverse Summit 2022

In this session, you will learn how a basic ALM process for Dataverse looks like. The beginning of the presentation will level all of us to a common understanding, for example Deployment options in Dataverse. After the session, you...

ALM for DataVerse Data – Dataverse Summit 2022

Data is the core part of all solutions. Having a consistent and reliable approach for managing different types of data across your environments is key to ensure data integrity and successful solution delivery. This session will show you how...

Best practices and guidance when using Microsoft Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2022

Microsoft Dataverse provides an extensible framework that will allow developers to build highly customized and tailored experiences. While customizing, extending, or integrating with Dataverse, a developer should be aware of the established guidance and best practices. In this session,...

CPQ and Beyond with Experlogix Automation for Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2022

In this session Erwin Buggenhout demonstrates how you or even your business users can create outbound document flows. From the perspective of an end user, a designer and a solution architect, you will see how easy it could be...

Design a Flexible Datamodel for Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2022

Propose a flexible datamodel working with a property custom entity, tipized by other custom entity, plugin and alternate keys to create a datamodel able to add all type of custom tipized data without modify solution. #Dataverse #Powerplatform #Microsoft365 https://www.powercommunity.com/

Building a scalable security model – Dataverse Summit 2022

Customers usually have some complex security requirements that challenges us. When we start the designing of the solution, the security model is one of the main pillars on which our solution will be built. Making sure that the security...

New Security Architecture for Business Units and AAD in detail – Dataverse Summit 2022

In this session I will cover, Security concepts in Microsoft Dataverse Modernized Business Units Associate a business unit with an Azure AD security group Different Security levels in Dataverse Security Role and Security Profiles. #Dataverse #Powerplatform #Microsoft365 https://www.powercommunity.com/

Gems of Dataverse – Tips & Tricks – Dataverse Summit 2022

The session covers the complete new look for Dataverse! We will talk about basic to advance concepts for Dataverse. – Relationships – Views & Form – Bulk Update – Auditing – Formula Columns – Import & Export. #Dataverse #Powerplatform...
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