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Center of Excellence Starter Kit – Dataverse Summit 2021

In this session we’ll review the components available in the Center of Excellence Starter Kit that Microsoft’s Power Customer Advisory Team provides. The CoE Starter Kit enables organizations to get started with developing a strategy for adopting and supporting...

Rethink App Development with Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2021

Low-Code/No-Code Platforms are very powerful tools in the hands of citizen and pro developers. But if approached with a “traditional development mindset”, the ROI is greatly reduced. The Microsoft Dataverse is the key component to really accelerate application development...

Understand API Limits and Entitlements – Dataverse Summit 2021

Dataverse API Limits and the planned upcoming Entitlement limits are necessary to understand when moving a lot of data to and from Dataverse. I have been part of several multimillion row migrations and have hands on experience on how...

Dataverse Data Management – Dataverse Summit 2021

In this session, we will walk through the data management strategy and approach with Microsoft Dataverse, followed by a closer look into the built-in features of the Dataverse platform. Finally, conclude with SQL and Dataverse and how to gain...

Storage And Dataverse – Dataverse Summit 2021

Would like to give a session on Legacy and New Storage, Benefits with New Storage, Capacity Scenarios, Free up storage space of Database, File and Log, Capacity Purchase and an overview on Dataverse. #PowerCommunity #365Technology #Dataverse #Dynamics365 #Azure ...

Power Platform Licensing Guide – Dataverse Summit 2021

Go to place for power platform licensing. Learn how to choose best Licensing subscriptions. What are the options better value for money when buying power platform licensing. Which package is better for Power Platform implementing organisations. #PowerCommunity #365Technology #Dataverse...

Extending Dataverse with XrmToolBox – Dataverse Summit 2021

A joint session with Mark Carrington to discuss everything XrmToolBox. The session will explain what XrmToolBox is and where it came from, before showing some fantastic examples of how the tool can level up your understanding of Dataverse and...

Build your own Dataverse data model – understand data types and relationship – Dataverse Summit 2021

Build you applications on a strong foundation. Know the building blocks that are available as different data types and relationships as part of Dataverse to build a solid data model. By the end of this session, you have achieved...

Dynamics 365 Sales and Field Service for SMB – Dataverse Summit 2021

From customer projects will I share experience how to implement and use Dynamics 365 modules Sales and Field Service for smaller companies. I am in this session going to take away the misunderstanding that Dynamics 365 is only for...

Accelerating transformation with Higher Education Accelerator – Dataverse Summit 2021

Through this session, we will be looking at Microsoft’s Education Accelerator, its impact and relevance in the current and post-pandemic Higher Education sector, its limitations and how we have extended the higher education accelerator for the purpose of creating...
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Preferred Solution | New feature | Microsoft Dataverse

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