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D365 FinOps Summit 2022


How to Close the year with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance – Mohamad Barada.

This session will show you all steps required to close the fiscal year in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance in addition to the most common challenges faced during the closing activities and their resolution(s). #PowerCommunity #Finops #Finance #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/

Data migration preparation and execution – D365 FinOps Summit

This session is for you if you would like to get – an overview of the data migration process – some ideas about how to prepare for a data migration in order to save a lot of effort and...

Brick by Brick: Asset Management in D365F&SCM using Legos – Andrew Lencsak.

You bet your Assets that we’re using Legos! Join myself, and resident ArganoArbela Asset Management guru, Kenny Gunter, as we take everyone’s favorite building blocks to talk about how Asset Management can be used to manage, maintain, and service...
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Filter data with single date slicer when multiple dates in fact table fall in range without creating relationship in Power BI

Hi Folks, After a while, I am back with another interesting way to solve this type of problem in Power...
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