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Azure Integration Bootcamp 2022


=Logic Apps: New Set Of Best Practices, Tips and Tricks – Automation Summit

A brand new set of tips and tricks and best practices that you should know for being more productive and building more reliable and effective Logic Apps. This is not an introduction session anymore. In this session, we will...

The Secret Behind Building a Reactive Azure Integration Application – Automation Summit

End-users of Modern applications are demanding. As the creators of Applications, it is our responsibility to innovate and create a reactive solution that meets the need of the users. Microsoft Azure Integration Services abstract the complexities involved and let...

Building Event-Driven Integration Architectures with Azure Event Grid – Automation Summit

In today’s world of ubiquitous data and connectivity, customers expect information to be delivered in real-time and delivered to multiple consumers. Traditional point-to-point integration solutions or polling-based messaging architectures simply cannot meet this demand. Learn how to leverage cloud-based...
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Preferred Solution | New feature | Microsoft Dataverse

Click on the below image to navigate to my YouTube Channel. Please like and share your valuable feedback on this...
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