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Azure Integration Bootcamp 2022


Pub Sub with DAPR – Automation Summit

Dapr is a portable, event-driven runtime that makes it easy for any developer to build event-driven, resilient distributed applications, and embraces the diversity of languages and developer frameworks. While Dapr promises a lot of features, our focus in this...

Data Driven Workflow Using Azure Data Factory and Logic Apps – Automation Summit

In this session, I will provide basic overview of using Azure Data Factory ,Azure Function and Logic Apps . Later I will show demo using Azure Data Factory, Azure Key Vault , Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake...

Reuse your Existing XSLT in Azure – Automation Summit

Do you have existing XSLT transforms on premises that you want to reuse or move to Azure? In this session we will look at various ways to run XSLT in your Azure integrations. We will also look at some...

When My Factory and the Azure Digital Twin Met – Automation Summit

This session is about how to make my manufacturing data travel from an OPC UA server to Azure Digital Twins, where we will see what the OPC Unified Architecture is, how to extract the data from it through Azure...

Identities In an Integration Landscape – Automation Summit

Integrations often grow into alot of small services. As more services are added, more keys, secrets and other authetication methods need to be managed. This can be an overwhelming task. Is there perhaps an easier and better way? Yes...

Integrate D365 CE With Azure Service Bus and Automate Service Endpoint Connection Update

In this session I will demonstrate multiple methods to posting the Dynamics 365 CE data context to Azure Service Bus and process the data with low-code and no-code, manage of run-time errors. We will learn, how to update Dynamics...

Natural Interactions Using Azure Cognitive Service and Bot Service Integration – Automation Summit

Create Chatbots powered by Azure Machine Learning. Talk about Responsible machine learning pillars – Understand, Protect and Control. #PowerCommunity #365Technology #PowerPlatform #Dynamics365 #Azure https://www.powercommunity.com/

App Insights and Log Analytics For Integration Solutions – Automation Summit

When we develop integration solutions monitoring, logging and diagnostics are some important considerations we need to think about. In this session we will look at some common use cases implemented with Microsoft integration technologies and how we can leverage...

Azure Security For Integration: The Red and Blue Team – Automation Summit

In this session, Nino will share his hands-on experience about Azure security for integration, in attack and defence. We will examine technology integration stacks like Logic App, Power Apps, Azure Functions and many others. For each technology, Nino will...

Integration Design Patterns for D365 Finops – Automation Summit

Dynamics 365 for Unified Operations has evolved into purpose-built applications to help you manage business functions. This would mean that there would be integration with diverse systems. The session explains integration patterns, integration scenarios, and best practices. #PowerCommunity #365Technology...
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Capture and visualize ideas without spatial constraints using Infinite Canvas in Visio for the web

Following our announcement earlier this year about mind maps in Visio for the web, we’re excited to announce a...
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