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Supporting continuous Slide Shows in Power BI Storytelling add-in

Reports that track performance data in Power BI are common for many organizations. These reports can cover different aspects of organizational performance, such as production, sales, engineering, and so on. Many organizations want to share these reports with everyone in the organization, and even make them publicly visible , so everyone can see what the leadership cares about and how the organization is doing.

PowerPoint lets you play a presentation continuously. This is handy when you want to show information on public screens without anyone having to control it. You can do it by setting your presentation to run in an infinite loop and set the slides transition.

But up until today, if the Power BI add-in was part of a presentation running in a continuous slide show, the data in the add-in might become outdated, since the add-in only gets the data from Power BI when the slide is loaded for the first time, or when the user manually refreshes the data in the add-in.

Therefore, we added a new configuration to the add-in that ensures that you get the latest data from Power BI when running in continuous slide show. When the slide-show configuration is turned on, the add-in automatically pulls data from Power BI, without anyone having to do anything, ensuring that the presentation always has the most recent data.

To enable automatic refresh in slide show, go to the add-in footer, select Add-in options, choose Slide show settings, check Automatic refresh in slide show and set the desired frequency. This will cause the add-in to pulls data from Power BI every given period, when the presentation is in slide show.

The auto refresh only happens in slide show mode and not while you’re editing the presentation, so don’t worry if data does not change we you are still editing the presentation. (If you want the latest data when you are editing, go to Data options and choose Refresh.)

For best performance, the device running the presentation in infinite loop must have Office build 17126.20208 and above.

Next Steps

Let us know your feedback about the new slide show support in Power BI Storytelling add-in at ideas.fabric.microsoft.com. Please add “Storytelling” to the title and give us enough information to make improvements to meet your requirements.

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