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Still the need for Classic Explorer

Yesterday, one of the team members on a project I am on mentioned that they were trying to change the width of a field in our unmanaged environment, but were not able to do this. This to me seemed a little weird, so I decided to investigate.

I went into the application to the table and column that the developer mentioned, and truthfully when trying to make a change to the character count of the field, I was getting a Sql Exception. The only issue, is that the Sql Exception was very generic, and just by looking at it, I could not know the reasoning for the issue. I know that in some places in the Maker Portal you are able to download log files when errors occur, but this was not one of them.

I decided to see if we were getting the same behavior in Classic Interface, and the same issue occured. I got a SQL Server error, with a message that a SQL Server error occured and to try the action again. The difference was that here I was able to download the log file.

After downloading the log file, I notice that the error mentioned that the column that I was trying to modify was dependent on another column and upon further investigation, it showed that it was used in a calculated column

So, what am I saying. There is sometimes still a need to use the Classic Solution Editor in order to understand why certain operations are not working as expected, and until we get this resolved by Microsoft, I am saying Classic Solution Editor is still required.

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