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Snowflake and Azure Databricks Connectivity via VNet data gateways

We are excited to announce the availability of Snowflake and Azure Databricks connectors on VNet Data gateways. Additionally, you can also use Single Sign-On(SSO) with Azure Active Directory (AAD) to connect to these data sources.

Earlier this year we release VNet data gateways support for Power BI Datasets in Public Preview.  This feature enables secure outbound connectivity from Power BI to data sources within an Azure VNets.

To be able to connect to either Snowflake or Azure Databricks secured by an Azure VNet, as a gateway admin, create a new data source on the VNet data gateway and select the specific data source type.

You can then share this data source with other users in this organization who can use them in Power BI datasets.

Additionally, you can also use Single Sign-On(SSO) with Azure Active Directory (AAD) for these data sources so end users user their own AAD credentials when connecting to the data source and only see data they have access to. To enable AAD SSO, in the advance settings, check the “Use SSO via Azure AD for DirectQuery queries” option.

Do try out feature and provide your feedback. As always we would love to hear from you, learn from your experience and improve based on your feedback.

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