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Setting Up a Customer Service Portal with Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Power Pages, and Copilot


In this guide, we’ll walk through the steps to create a customer service portal using Power Pages as the front-end and Dynamics 365 Customer Service as the backend. By integrating these two powerful tools, you can provide seamless customer support and enhance user experience.



Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  1. Power Pages Subscription: If you haven’t already, sign up for Power Pages and create your portal. You can start with a free trial.
  2. Dynamics 365 Customer Service License: To use Dynamics 365 Customer Service features, you’ll need an appropriate license. Options include Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, Sales Premium, Customer Insights, Field Service, or Project Operations.

Steps to Set Up the Portal

  • Create a Power Pages Portal:
    • Log in to Power Pages.
    • Create a new portal project.
    • Customize the portal design, layout, and functionality according to your requirements.
  • Configure Dynamics 365 Customer Service:
    • In your Dynamics 365 environment, set up the necessary entities for customer service (cases, knowledge base, queues, etc.).
    • Define security roles and permissions for portal users.
  • Integrate Power Pages with Dynamics 365:
    • Use the Power Pages connector to link your portal to Dynamics 365.
    • Configure data synchronization between the portal and Dynamics 365.
  • Design Customer Service Pages:
    • Create pages for common customer service tasks (submitting cases, searching knowledge base articles, tracking requests, etc.).
    • Leverage Power Pages components to build a user-friendly interface.
  • Implement Authentication and Authorization:
    • Set up authentication methods (e.g., Azure AD, custom authentication).
    • Control access to specific portal features based on user roles.
  • Test and Optimize:
    • Test the portal thoroughly, ensuring data flows correctly between Power Pages and Dynamics 365.
    • Optimize performance and responsiveness.

How to Integrate Copilot to Power Pages Customer Service Portal for tracking Case status from Dynamics 365 Customer Service?

To integrate Copilot (or any AI language model) into your customer service portal created using Power Pages with Dynamics 365 Customer Service as the backend, follow these steps:

  1. User Authentication and Authorization:
    • Implement user authentication (e.g., Azure AD, custom authentication) in your Power Pages portal.
    • Use Copilot to verify user credentials during login.
  2. Fetching Logged-In Customer’s Cases:
    • When a user logs in, retrieve their unique identifier (e.g., email or user ID).
    • Use Copilot to query Dynamics 365 Customer Service for cases associated with that identifier.
    • Display the case details on the portal.
  3. Tracking Case Status:
    • Continuously poll or subscribe to case updates using Copilot.
    • When a case status changes (e.g., from open to resolved), update the portal UI accordingly.
    • Provide real-time notifications to users using Copilot-generated messages.
  4. Knowledge Base Articles:
    • Allow users to search for knowledge base articles within the portal.
    • When a user enters a query, use Copilot to search Dynamics 365 for relevant articles.
    • Display the article titles and summaries to assist users.

Licenses requirements

 Refer Link: 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Power Pages Portal 

Compare Microsoft 365 Enterprise Plans | Microsoft 365


By combining Power Pages, Copilot and Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can create a robust customer service portal that streamlines communication, enhances self-service options, and improves overall customer satisfaction.

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