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See which form is displayed in Dynamics 365 CRM | [Quick Tip]


At times, it is not clear which form is displayed when looking at a record.

It may seem like Account form is displayed based on what the label says but things could be different.

And you assume it is this form that is being displayed.

But, this is now always the case. So, let me explain!

See Form Name

Here’s how you can see the true form name –

  1. Hover on the tab where Dynamics 365 CRM is opened.
    You’ll see the actual form that is being displayed even if the name under the record Name is shown as “Account”. In this case, it’s the entity name.
  2. Here, the form name displayed is “Account for Interactive Experience”

When does this happen?

  1. This happens if there are no other forms in the App you are using which have been enabled for your Security Role.
    And then there’s no other form left for you to see.

Fallback Form?

  1. The fallback form will take into effect if no other form is enabled for your security role. In my example, the form “Account for Interactive Experience” was in fact enabled for my Security Role and hence, I didn’t see the default “Account” form even though it was ranked higher in the Form Sequence.

Hope this helps!


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