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Save a copy of a report & Collapse navigation pane in Organizational App

We are thrilled to announce that based on your feedback, we have decided to bring back the feature in the org app that allowed you to save copies of reports. App consumers who have build permissions can now save copies of reports to their “My workspace” from the app.

Further, app authors can now by default collapse the app navigation pane for their app consumers. Enabling this feature would allow your app consumers to land on full screen mode.

Let’s learn more about these two features in detail:

Save a copy

You can allow your app users, who have build permissions on the underlying datasets, to save copies of reports to their “My workspace”. Once saved, the app users can customize the reports copies to meet their needs.

To enable the save a copy feature for your app users, you first need to click the checkbox next to Allow users to make a copy of the reports in the app setting under Setup tab, and then click “update” button. Please note that this setting is disabled for workspace users with the Contributor role.

Setup tab showing settings that would allow users to make/save a copy of the reports in the app

Once the feature is enabled, app users who have build permissions on the underlying datasets will be able to save a copy of a report from the app consumer view. You can also grant build permissions to your app users through app using Advanced option under Manager audience access pane.

Collapse App navigation pane

App authors (including Workspace admins, members and contributors) can by default collapse the App navigation pane for your app consumers by clicking the hide app navigation pane checkbox and then the “update” button under the Setup tab.

Setup tab showing a setting that would allow app authors to by default collapse app navigation pane

Once the feature is enabled, the app navigation pane will be collapsed for your app users, and they will land on the first artifact present in their respective audience groups (as shown below).

app consumer view with app navigation pane collapsed by default

The app users can navigate to the other app content by clicking on the “>>” button present at the top left tool bar of the app. On clicking the “>>” button, app navigation pane will be overlaid over the content.

app consumer view with app navigation pane overlaid over the content

The app users can make a new selection from the navigation pane and then click on “<<“ button to collapse the navigation pane.

Let us know what you think!

This is just a beginning, and we have many more exciting new features coming to the Power BI Apps. If you have any suggestions regarding products improvements or new features that you would like to see for Power BI Apps, please submit an idea here.

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