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Run a Power Platform Pipeline


In case you setup your first Power Platform Pipeline and looking to test it out? This post is for you.

Or if you haven’t yet configured your Power Platform Pipelines first, refer this post – Setup Power Platform Pipelines

Now that you have your basic Power Platform Pipeline set in place, let’s run a created Pipeline!

Run Power Platform Pipeline

Here’s what you need to do in order to Run your pipeline –

  1. Go to the Dev environment on which you have Hosted your pipeline (or which is supposed to be your first environment from where all the customization/configuration should move over).
    Go to the Solution which you want to Run through the Pipeline.
    For the simplicity of this example, this Solution has just 1 custom column on the Account table.
  2. Now, click on Pipelines and look for the Deployed Pipeline which is ready to be used.
  3. Now, once you get to see the stages which you have set in the blog post – Setup Power Platform Pipelines, those stages will appear here.
    Then, verify the environment details mentioned and then click on Deploy here once you are sure.
  4. Now, once you click on Deploy here, you’ll be given option to choose when you want to deploy – whether now or later.
  5. For this example, I’m choosing Now instead of scheduling it for later. Then, I click Next and it’ll go into Validating Stage.
  6. Once it all looks good, you’ll get AI generated notes already if you are in the US Region (at the time of writing this post). Then, click Deploy once everything looks good.
  7. Once this is in progress in the background, you’ll see that the pipeline is deploying your solution.
  8. Once this is completed, you’ll see that this is deployed successfully.
  9. And this will be successfully deployed to the Target environment like so in the Managed Solutions section.

Hope this short tutorial was helpful!

Hope this was useful!

Thank you!

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