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Resource Roles and adding Role Prices to Cost and Sales Price List in Project Operations


Now that in the previous blog posts of this series, the Organization Units, Cost Price and Sales Prices were setup – Setting Up Default Organizational Unit, Cost and Sales Price List in Project Operations Lite, let’s look at what Roles (or Resource Roles) are and how you can add them to the Price Lists

Resource Roles

Let’s see how we can add Resource Roles –

  1. Navigate to Resources Area and then select Resources sub-area in Project Operations App.
  2. Now, navigate to Roles on the Sitemap and you’ll see some existing Roles already available out-of-the-box
  3. If you open any existing roles, you’ll see that Billing Types the type/behavior of the Role which we’ll discuss in further sections.

    Now, let’s add the Resource in both Cost and Sales Price Lists in the next section.

Add Role in Cost Price List

Now, lets assume we want to assign a Cost Price to the Consulting Lead role (which is of type Chargeable). Let’s see below on how we can do this –

  1. Navigate to the Organizational Units in Settings area in Project Operations since it’s easy to go than to find the Cost Price as you might not remember the exact name every time.
    Open the Organization Unit record which is your default Organization Unit for the PO environment.
  2. Now, since we had already associated a Cost Price in the previous sections, you can open the Price List.
  3. Now, once you open the Cost Price List, go to Role prices tab and click on + New Role Price to add the existing Role to this price list and define the Cost of the Role to the organization.
  4. Now, make sure you select the Role and also select the Organization Unit even if you have selected the Cost Price List from the Organization Unit. That’s because you can add multiple prices for the same role across different Organization Units.

    I’m keeping a sample Cost Price of $150

  5. Once you Save and Close, the Role Price will be defined in this Cost Price for this Org Unit.

    Alternatively, let’s also add the same Role in the Sales Price List as well from this series.

Add Role in Sales Price List

Let’s also add the same Consulting Lead role to the Sales Price List as well –

  1. Navigate to the Sales area and then look for Price Lists. Look for the Sales Price List you created for your organization.
  2. In the Sales Price list, go to Role Prices and click on Add New Role Price
  3. Now, as Sales Prices are supposed to be higher than Cost Prices, I’m using a Price of $240 for the Consulting Lead which was $150 in the Cost Price
  4. And once you Save and Close, it’ll be added to the Sales Price list as shown below.

Hope this post was useful!

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