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Regular Expressions within Power Automate

Out of the box, Power Apps supports Regular Expression (or RegEx) matching through in-built IsMatch, Match and MatchAll functions, however this is not natively supported within Power Automate.


There are eight (8) actions supported within this connector. While seven are specific to common use cases, there is a generic action which can cover any RegEx needs. In this blog post we will look example for three actions within this connector

Check for valid email format

This action checks whether entered text is in a valid email format. It returns true or false based on whether input specified is a valid email address.




Check whether text contains digit

This action checks whether entered text contains a digit anywhere



Check whether text matches the specified pattern

This action checks whether entered text matches the specified pattern. This is a generic action which can cover any RegEx use case.

Note that it checks across the entire string and not a subset of the string.



The documentation of this RegEx connector can be found at: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/regexmatchingip/

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