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Quarantine Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations: Part -2

In this blog, I will continue to show how vendor return can be completed for the item failed in the quarantine order as explained in part-1blog of quarantine management. You can refer Part-1 here.

We need to first invoice the product receipt quantity of 6 which was initially received in the quarantine warehouse 18. As explained in the last blog, item was moved into the main warehouse 11 after processing the quarantine orders.

Below you can see posting of invoice is completed with invoice number 5454545.

Now a purchase order with type “returned order” need to be created for returning 2 quantities to vendor, which failed during quarantine inspection. These 2 quantities are available in a designated location for vendor return i.e. A11-11 in main warehouse 11.

Select the Purchase order invoice i.e., 5454545 from which 2 quantities need to be returned to the vendor.

Select the location A11-11, where item to be returned is stored and enter quantity as negative i.e., “-2”. Complete the product receipt and post invoice as normal process in a purchase order processing.

You can see item for 2 quantity is successfully returned from location A11-11 and there is no stock available now in on hand inventory at location A11-11.

That’s it for this blog. I will be back soon with a new topic to share my knowledge with the community.

Keep reading and sharing. Thank You.

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