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Production execution interface updates in #MicrosoftDynamics365 #D365F&SCM #D365F&O

I finally got around to trialing out some features added to the Production execution interface in D365 Supply Chain Management. Over the past 3-6 months, some small additions were made that make this solution a little more informative and tailored for users on the floor. I want to highlight 3 of those changes.

First, is the “My day” view. Often times your shop floor employees need to be able to review all of their registrations and activities throughout the day. Consultants would recommend various inquiries and reports like the Raw registrations or going into the user’s Time approval and calculation form. Now, with the “My day” view, employees can see all of their activity from the current and previous days directly in the interface:

“My Day” view button
“My Day” view

The second change I noticed is when registering an indirect activity. Maybe this was not a new change, but I don’t recall having seen it behave quite like this before, and it was most welcome in my opinion. After choosing an Indirect activity to clock out for a break, I was presented with the following screen:

Stop Indirect activities dialog form

This dialog allowed me to selectively choose to stop my break, rather than log back in to automatically end the break. This experience will likely differ if you configure your interface to not lock the employee to the screen because the terminal is shared among many workers using it for registrations.

Configuration form

The third change I wanted to talk about is one that will bring needed functional changes is the ability to adjust both consumption and reservations from the interface. This had always been a challenge when using Manufacturing execution in the past. Now workers can be enabled to perform these transactions in real time without having to log back into D365 Production orders, replan or release an order, or call a planner or production manager for assistance.


As shown in the article excerpt from MS Docs, there is a new button added to the interface configuration to allow users to adjust the material used on the selected order:

“Adjust material” button

When the new button is clicked, a dialog opens showing the BOM or formula lines, their current proposed quantities, any already consumed quantities, and the storage dimensions they will be or were consumed from. Workers can select items to adjust those quantities and post the journal directly.

“Adjust material” form

Alternatively, they can select the “Reserve material” button at the bottom of the form, which then opens a further dialog showing the Available on-hand inventory for those items, as well as giving the ability to apply and remove reservations manually.

“Reserve material” form

All of these changes bring possible solutions to questions and process inefficiencies that I have seen on every MES implementation. The visibility answers questions for real time data updates, status, and most importantly, there is on functionality to address real business cases of adjusting and reserving materials from the floor. I am looking forward to seeing more emphasis put on the production shop floor and manufacturer user experience.

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