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Power Platform – The Pivot You Need to Transform Your Business Operations

By 2024, a staggering 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will utilize the cutting-edge power of no-code or low-code technologies.

This eye-opening statistic is brought to you by Gartner’s insightful 2022 report on the dynamic low-code/no-code market. So, what’s behind the meteoric rise of low-code/no-code development? Let’s delve into the captivating reasons why this innovative approach is capturing the attention of businesses worldwide.

  • Turbocharge Digital Transformation: Low-code/no-code development accelerates digital transformation initiatives by enabling organizations to rapidly create and deploy applications. With intuitive visual interfaces and pre-built components, businesses can streamline their development processes and bring innovative solutions to market faster.
  • Empower Your Workforce. The beauty of low-code/no-code lies in its ability to empower non-technical users, such as business analysts and citizen developers, to create applications without extensive coding knowledge. This fosters creativity, innovation and enhances collaboration across teams, allowing them to solve problems and drive business growth more efficiently.
  • Fortify Your Security: By providing built-in security features and reducing reliance on custom-developed applications, these platforms enhance your security posture. Protecting precious data and complying with stringent security regulations become far more manageable tasks.

Introducing the game-changer in streamlining business operations – Power Platform. This powerful suite of tools revolutionizes how businesses operate, offering exceptional features. With Power Apps – Model Driven Apps and Canvas Apps, users create customized applications tailored to their unique needs. Power Pages enable dynamic web pages infused with valuable business intelligence, enhancing data-driven decision-making. Power Automate automates repetitive tasks, freeing up time and effort for critical endeavors. Power BI provides comprehensive data visualization and analysis, uncovering invaluable insights. Let’s not forget the innovative Power Virtual Agents, intelligent chatbots that enhance customer engagement. AI Builder opens up a world of possibilities, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

By leveraging Power Platform, businesses can streamline processes, boost productivity, and unlock new possibilities for growth and innovation. Efficiency, responsiveness, and overall experiences are elevated for all stakeholders.

To illustrate the practical benefits, let’s consider a use case in the real estate sector. With a market value of $3.69 trillion in 2021 and a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% from 2022 to 2030, the global real estate market demands efficiency and productivity to maintain a competitive edge. Real estate professionals must continuously adapt and improve their processes to meet evolving market trends, technological advancements, and customer demands. Streamlining operations, maximizing resources, and delivering exceptional customer service is critical in this time-sensitive industry.

Dream House Brokerage Agency, a leading player in the market, recognized the need to streamline operations and enhance the user experience for sellers and buyers. By leveraging Power Platform and its suite of apps, Dream House became a pioneering broker agency that provides a platform for sellers and buyers to connect and engage in property transactions. However, the agency faced challenges and pain points in its current workflow.

  • For Sellers: Submitting property listing requests to Dream House through their traditional website via manual contact is a cumbersome and inconvenient process that consumes time.
  • For Dream House: Manual Assignment of salespersons to handle each seller’s request and then selecting the nearest agent to visit a property can be ineffective and lead to unnecessary delays. Manual recording of property details adds to the administrative burden. Additionally, manually recording buyer decisions and relying on separate survey apps and systems for feedback collection further complicates the process. Also, purchase departments have to be process dependent on the sales department for processing activities.
  • For Buyers: The process of searching for properties and arranging viewings is greatly influenced by the availability of salespersons and agents, which can lead to possible delays

Dream House recognizes the need to streamline operations and enhance the user experience for both sellers and buyers. By embracing Power Platform and its suite of apps, Dream House can address these practical challenges and maximize its organizational potential.

Let’s explore the key areas where challenges can be effectively addressed:

  • Seller Requests Property Listing: Sellers can now easily submit their property listing requests through Dream House’s website, leveraging the convenient Power Pages. By eliminating manual paperwork and excessive human interaction, this streamlined process enables sellers to provide accurate property details swiftly.

  • Creating Modules for Sales and Purchase Teams: To ensure efficient property evaluations, Dream House harnesses the power of the Model Driven app in Power Platform. By creating separate modules for sales and purchase teams, each with its own set of criteria to advance to the next stage, both teams can work independently and maintain exceptional efficiency and precision.

Power Platform

  • Assigning Salesperson to Buyer’s Request: Dream House tackles the challenge of assigning salespersons to buyer requests by utilizing a third-party app called Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation. This innovative tool ensures quick allocation of available salespersons, based on either round-robin or capacity planning, minimizing confusion and maximizing resource allocation.

Power Platform

  • Assigning the Nearest Agent for Property Evaluation: With the aid of model-driven apps, the assigned salesperson can view property listings and effortlessly manage and monitor property records using the third-party app Kanban Board. To optimize routing and appointment scheduling, Dream House leverages Maplytics, a Power Platform add-on to get a visual representation that simplifies the assignment of the nearest agent to visit the property and capture relevant details.

Power Platform

  • Listing Property on the Website: The agent can capture and submit property information through the Property Assessment App built on the Canvas App. Then salesperson can verify the details and lists the property on the Dream House website. With Power Platform’s automation features, the property listing process becomes streamlined, reducing communication duration and improving overall efficiency.

Power Platform

  • Buyer Shows Interest: Buyers can conveniently visit the power pages-based Dream House website. They can effortlessly search for properties based on their preferences and mark properties as “interested” if they find a suitable option. This seamless user experience is made possible through the Power Platform, ensuring easy navigation through property listings.

Power Platform

  • Agent Updates Buyer’s Decision: After a property review, the agent updates Dream House regarding the buyer’s decision. By recording these updates in the system, Dream House can track the progress of each property, facilitating further processing and ensuring effective communication between all parties involved.

Power Platform

  • Purchase Department and Document Management: As the salesperson moves to the next stage, the Kanban view reflects the property’s status. Once sold, the property moves to the purchasing department, where a dedicated model-driven module helps fulfill the department’s specific needs. To optimize CRM storage space, Dream House utilizes Attach2Dynamics, seamlessly moving documents to various cloud storage options like SharePoint, Azure Blog storge and Dropbox. The systematic completion of events ensures smooth and efficient operations.

Power Platform

  • Customer Feedback: Dream House understands the importance of customer feedback and leverages the Power Platform’s capabilities to gather valuable insights. Utilizing the Microsoft Customer Voice app and Power Automate, Dream House sends surveys to buyers and sellers, recording their responses in the CRM system. This feedback helps the agency identify areas for improvement and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Power Platform

By implementing Power Platform, Dream House successfully transformed its operations, maximized productivity, and improved the user experience for sellers and buyers. Streamlining property listing requests, optimizing lead assignments, and ensuring systematic event completion resulted in exceptional efficiency and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Inogic’s impact extends across diverse industries, including the real estate sector, where Power Platform customization creates transformative possibilities. In real estate, Power Platform can be tailored to manage property listings, automate client communications, and provide data-driven insights for informed decision-making. As a pioneer in delivering tailored excellence, Inogic collaborates closely to understand unique industry demands, ensuring that our solutions drive efficiency, enhance user experiences, and fuel growth. Through harnessing the power of low-code/no-code capabilities and Inogic’s expertise, the real estate industry and others can thrive in this digital era. Elevate your industry, seize the future, and journey towards unparalleled business excellence with Inogic by your side.

To embark on an innovative journey with Inogic and enhance your user experience with Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform, visit our website or contact us at crm@inogic.com.

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