Power Platform Developer Bootcamp 2021

Power Apps Developer Bootcamp
From Fri 14th May To Thu 1st January
7 ways to boost your Power Apps Portal performance
Oleksandr Olashyn – CRM Architect

Power Apps Portal is a popular low code platform for creating a website to securely share information for your Dataverse instance. However, just like any other website, you need to know how to improve and boost performance. In this session, I will share with you 7 things you need to know to improve your portal […]

Microsoft Teams + Azure API Management = Flow-tastic &PowerApp-ilicious!
Geetha Sivasailam – Consultant

Want to amplify pro-code components and empower citizen developers to build apps in Teams leveraging existing assets hosted on Azure? Then this session is for you where we’ll look at how organizations can unlock access to diverse set of Microsoft cloud hosted services and enable citizen developers to benefit from them with just a few […]

Detect data anomalies and purge old data with Power Automate Flow
David Carr – President, Visionary Software

Learn how Dynamics 365 System Administrators can use D365 custom entities and one Power Automate flow to automatically identify data anomalies in your system and clean your system of old data. YOU define the parameters of advanced find queries, and the Power Automate job processes each record according to your instructions. Presentation geared toward experienced […]

Power Virtual Agent and Bot Framework Composer a deep dive session
Shakir Majeed Khan – Senior technical lead

Shakir Khan will discuss the Power Virtual Agent, Bot Framework Composer and its presence within Power Platform. Shakir will later demonstrate a real world example by create a bot from Power Virtual Agents, pull/push data into the SharePoint and then use Bot Framework Composer to modify the bot with more complex scenarios. At the end […]

A complete solution development for staffing and skills manage with Teams Dataverse
Chakib Kouttroub – Skill Unit Manager Power Platform

The idea of the session is to develop a complete solution to manage skills and staffing by using teams Dataverse (powerapps, power automate and power virtual agent).

Build your own custom Power BI visuals: where to start?
Yves Habersaat – Business Applications Consultant

During this session, I’ll present the main steps to start developing your own custom Power BI visuals, from installing the necessary tools to publishing for your organization or on AppSource.

PowerApps Portals – New featurs and best practices to consider
Ambesh Singh – Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Architect

Power Apps makers can now create a powerful new type of experience: external-facing websites that allow users outside their organizations to sign in with a wide variety of identities, create and view data in Common Data Service, or even browse content anonymously. The full capabilities of CDS Portals, previously offered only as an add-on to […]

Mixed Reality and Geospatial Features in Power Apps
Marco Rocca – Customer Engineer

Since today mixed reality and GeoFeatures are based on complex and expensive device. One of the goal of introduction of these features in Power Platform is to enable these new experiences for people that use less complex devices as our smartphone. In this session I’ll explain these new features for Power Apps world. Also some […]

AI Builder in Action!
Marco Rocca – Customer Engineer

AI Builder is a Microsoft Power Platform capability that provides AI models that are designed to optimize your business processes. AI Builder enables your business to use AI to automate processes and take information from your data in Power Apps and Power Automate. In this session will be shown AI Builder, one on the most […]

Power Virtual Agent, a deep dive session
Shakir Majeed Khan – Senior technical lead

In this session, Shakir Khan will discuss about the Microsoft Virtual Agent and its presence within Power Platform. Shakir Khan will demonstrate a real world example by creating Virtual Agent from scratch and deploying in MS Teams.

Power Automate integration with Power BI
Prince Kher – Data Analytics and Regulatory Reporting Lead ING Asia

create automated workflows to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more. In this article, you automate generating an email from a Power BI data alert.

PL-400: Power Platform Developer certification review
Julian Sharp – Power Platform solution architect and trainer

This session explains the scope of the PL-400 exam for Power Platform developers, reviews the objectives, explains what those objectives really mean, and directs you at resources to help you prepare for success.

PCF 101 – How to start creating your own code components
Julian Sharp – Power Platform solution architect and trainer

Power Apps Component Framework is an exciting way to increase the usability of your solutions. But how do you start, the documentation tells you what to do but you struggle where to start. If you cannot figure out how to begin creating your own components, then this session is for you. A step-by-step walkthrough of […]

Power Platform and Azure: Better Together – Azure Functions as Custom Connectors
Julian Sharp – Power Platform solution architect and trainer

Creating reusable calculations for Biz Apps citizen developers using Azure Functions. This is for developers to learn about how to create custom connectors linked to Azure functions and for makers to learn how to consume Azure functions.

AI / Data Analytics in Power BI & Integrate with Power Apps & Azure Cognitive Services
Prince Kher – Data Analytics and Regulatory Reporting Lead ING Asia

Power Apps in Power BI Integrate ML models in Power BI Use of AI to perform data analysis in Power BI

Extending CDS using Azure functions
Mev Ansari – Senior Developer

Extending CDS using Azure functions

AI / Data Analytics in Power BI
Prince Kher – Data Analytics and Regulatory Reporting Lead ING Asia

AI can help everyone in an organization automatically find patterns in their data, understand what the data means. Power BI delivers a unique set of AI-infused experiences such as natural language, Quick Insights, image recognition, text analytics, and key driver analysis – help build data driven reports

First steps with Power Virtual Agents
Renato Romão – Senior Office 365 Developer

Power Virtual Agents is a no-code tool inside Power Platform and improve user experience to develop intelligent chatbots fast, easy and cheap. Did you already use it? No? Come into this session, I will show how can you start.

AI / Data Analytics in Power BI
Prince Kher – Data Analytics and Regulatory Reporting Lead ING Asia

Forecasting principle in Power BI. Models used by Power BI in forecasting. Perform sensitivity and scenario analysis in Power BI AI in Power BI

Nintex Onprem to Power Platform Migration – Lessons Learned
Anna Jhaveri – Tech Lead

When migrating from SharePoint on-prem to SharePoint online, if you are using Nintex in the on-prem sites, you can consider moving the forms and workflows to Power Platform while migration. In this session I will share our lessons learned while migrating form Nintex forms and workflows to Power Platform and few points that should be […]

Powershell for Power Platform
Vinay Deep Ayinapurapu – O365 Consultant

Have you ever had a requirement from your boss to get the usage for environment, flow or powerapp? MSFT have provided the powershell support for power platform and using these you can get the basic insights to your power automate and powerapps. Want to learn more? Please join this session to know how to get […]

Power Platform and MS Teams: Better together
Nanddeep Nachan – Office 365 Consultant (Microsoft MVP – Office Apps & Services, MCT)

Explore modern experience by integrating Power Platform with Microsoft Teams. Enable everyone to easily build applications and bots right within MS Teams using Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agent.

Top 10 steps to improve your Power App performance
Krishna Vandanapu – MVP Power Apps, Power Automate – Power Platform Solution Architect

This is to improve your Power App with the best practices and from the lessons learned.

CE Plugins vs Custom API vs Azure Functions vs Flows/Logic Apps
Muhammad Mustajab – CE Technical & Power Platform Consultant

Ever thought as a Customer Engagement consultant that we have plugins, flow, Logic app, and Azure function, and much more at our disposal. When I began working on the power platform the three Ws pop up in my head When to use (Plugins vs Flow vs Logic App vs Azure Function vs Custom API) Where […]

Implement Niam.Xrm.Framework: Lightweight Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugin Framework
Temmy Wahyu Raharjo – Technical Consultant

Niam.Xrm.Framework is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Plugin framework that helps Developer to improve quality of the code. Combine it with Niam.Xrm.Framework.TestHelper to enable Test Driven Development.

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