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Power BI Bootcamp 2022

Power BI Bootcamp 2022
From Thu 21st July To Thu 21st July
Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners – Aroh Shukla
Frédéric NYA DJIMAFO - Analyste de donnée
Introduction et présentation de la solution power bi
Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners
Okhaide Eguaoje - MI Analyst
Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners
Benefits of community to Power BI
GIFT AHMED - Citizen developer and Data analyst
We shall be looking at the roles and the importance of communities to power bi development and how it has impacted individuals in the learning journey and even professionals to solve vital issues
Suvarna Khairnar - ITA
Power BI boot camp
I cannot attend
Sokol Kryeziu - Consultant
Help attending the bootcamp
Power BI
Sharon Kakkori - Analyst Consultant
Modellering, Azure, Data mini, Azure
Understanding Power BI Report Builder
Paginated report is now very easy to create and deploy. The descendant of SSRS is Power BI Report Builder. We can build paginated report and deploy on Web or report server with easily in a matter of minutes
9:00 am 10:00 am
Introduction to Power BI 101 for Beginners
Aroh Shukla - Microsoft MVP, MCT, Speaker, Blogger
In this session, Aroh Shukla (Microsoft Data Platform MVP) will make a complete tour of the Power BI platform & ecosystem. You will see some demos on Power BI Desktop (Power Query, Data Modelling, DAX, Data Visualisation). Create a dashboard in Power BI with concepts such as optimize data, setting up data models, data transformation [...]
Data in Space – Augmented Reality in power BI App
Abhinav Singh - Capability Lead - Visualisation and Insights
An introduction to Power BI Augmented Reality Capabilities using Power BI Mobile App Create and link Spatial Anchor account Create spatial anchors using Power BI AR scanners Scan the area to find and use Spatial Anchors
10:00 am 11:00 am
Analyzing Data with Power BI
Anna Efeturhi - Data Analyst
This Session introduces Data Modeling Fundamentals to help you get started with Reporting in Power BI; - Cardinality and types - Cross Filter direction - Column property - Hide columns - Calculated column - Create measure - Create Date Table
Dynamic X-axis change based on Field parameters
Rajendra Ongole - BI-Specialist
In this session you will learn about how to change the dynamically the x-axis using the new feature using field parameters in power bi. where enduser/business users they can change and observe the trend dynamically
8:00 am 9:00 am
Create your first Power BI Report
Tarek El Bacha - Trainer
Take the plunge and within 15 minutes learn all what we need to know to make data easily using Power BI!
12:00 pm 1:00 pm
The advantages of integrating Power BI with Power Automate
Vahid Doustimajd - MCT, Data Analyst and Reporting Lead
In this session, I will show how to create and use power automate flows to take your Power BI reporting solutions to the next level During this session, you will find out: 1- How to send data from a Table/Matrix on Power BI report to your email and Teams with one click 2- How to [...]
2:00 pm 3:00 pm
Uncover Power of AI with AI Powered Visuals in Power BI
Dhruvin Shah - Microsoft MVP , MCT and Power Platform Practice Lead
During this video, I will talk about AI Powered Visuals in Power BI. We will discuss about Key Influencer Visual, QnA Visual, Decomposition Tree Visual, QnA Visual and Decomposition Tree Visual! Let's check the power of AI with great insights using the visuals! With that we'll also discuss how to configure these visuals and some [...]
11:00 am 12:00 pm
Key Data Structures for Optimal Model Performance in Power BI
Sue Bayes - Director, Databayes Ltd.
Understanding key data structure concepts is critical for any modeller who wants to efficiently perform data analysis in Power BI. The session will cover: 1. Key basic concepts behind different types of data 2. The importance of data types 3. How to effectively model data within Power BI • What is meant by normalised data? [...]
3:00 pm 4:00 pm
Power BI & Azure Databricks – A Magical Union
Pragati Jain - Data Platform MVP, Senior Consultant at Avanade
Azure Databricks is a powerful technology that is used by both Data Engineers and Data Scientists to perform their jobs. On one hand Data Engineers use it to transform and structure data, on the other hand Data Scientists use this transformed data to do advanced analytics. But what about the business users, who in real [...]
4:00 pm 5:00 pm
Advanced Data Visualisation Techniques in Power BI
Flávio Meneses - Managing Consultant at LogiKal
When it comes to visualising data, many Power BI reports don’t reflect the great work that happened behind the scenes and fall short on the UX/UI aspect. In this session we’ll start with the basics of what makes an effective and appealing front-end design and move on to advanced visualisation techniques you can use to [...]
Key Concepts when working with Data
Sue Bayes - Director, Databayes Ltd.
You will be able to: Recognise the key basic concepts behind different types of data Understand the importance of data types Learn how to effectively model data within Power BI Understand what is meant by normalised data The importance of a Star Schema How the engine works
1:00 pm 2:00 pm
Why you need to use Field Parameters in Power BI
Mohammed Adnan - Power BI Consultant
We will discuss the many benefits of using Field Parameters in Power BI
5:00 pm 6:00 pm
Mastering your DAX skills: deep dive into evaluation context
Sergii Zelenko - Citizen Developer
Concepts of Row and Filter context as well as Context Transition are the basis of any efficient DAX measure! However, there are surprisingly many people who obtain a desired result without a clear understanding what has happened. This session aims to cover this gap and show in details how evaluation in DAX is working and [...]

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