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Power BI Administrator role will be renamed to Fabric Administrator


On May 23, 2023, Microsoft unveiled Microsoft Fabric, which provides a Data Factory-powered data integration experience, Synapse-powered data engineering, data warehouse, data science, and real-time analytics experiences and business intelligence (BI) with Power BI—all hosted on a lake-centric SaaS solution. We centralized the tenant and capacity level administration for all these experiences in the Fabric Admin portal (previously known as the Power BI admin portal). Starting June 2023, the Power BI Administrator role will be renamed to Fabric Administrator to align with the changing scope and responsibility of this role.

All applications including Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Graph APIs, Microsoft 365, and GDAP will start to reflect the new role name gradually. As a reminder, your application code and scripts shouldn’t make decisions based on role name or display name.

Learn more about Fabric here.

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