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Power Automate teamed with Azure OpenAI Services to track conversations using Keywords!

Copilot Keyword Tracker

Sarah, a bright-eyed sales associate at Peck Packaging, felt a familiar pang of frustration. A potential client, Miss Atkins, had mentioned budget concerns in their last email, but the details were buried amongst a sea of technical specifications. Sarah knew she needed to address this concern but had no time to skim through the entire conversation.

That’s where Inogic Professional Services’ innovative application of Keyword Tracker came in. Using the power of Keyword Tracking, Sarah typed “pricing” into the search bar. Like magic, the system scanned all her past interactions with Miss Atkins, highlighting not just the word “pricing” itself, but also synonyms like “cost,” “expense,” and “rate.” Instantly, Sarah saw a clear picture of Miss Atkins’ concerns scattered throughout the email chain.

Azure OpenAI Services

This wasn’t just about efficiency; it was about vivid understanding. By visualizing the customer journey within the CRM system, Sarah could see the evolution of Miss Atkins’ problems. She could write her response, addressing her budget worries upfront while still highlighting the quality and value proposition of Peck Packaging’s products.

Across the team, similar scenes were observed. Sales reps, no longer bogged down by manual searches, were empowered to focus on building relationships and closing deals. By leveraging the power of Keyword Tracking and AI, Inogic isn’t just selling products and services but transforming the way sales are done, one conversation at a time. This application is a smart technical combination of Power Automate and Azure OpenAI Services.

An AI-powered application that listens beyond words by analyzing the sentiment of a conversation for enhanced sales and deeper customer relationships is also developed by the Inogic Services division. Read more about the Buyer Behaviour Analysis application.

Microsoft offers Azure OpenAI, a cloud-based service granting access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence models developed by OpenAI.

Inogic Professional Services revolutionizes business operations by crafting innovative AI applications. These applications leverage Microsoft Azure OpenAI’s powerful models within Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Our team builds functional solutions for businesses, enhancing:

  • Interactive customer interactions
  • Virtual assistance
  • Content creation and translation
  • Report Analysis
  • Buying Assistance
  • End-to-end management
  • And much more!

What Inogic Offers?

  1. Bespoke AI App Development & Consultation:

Our expert team crafts custom-built AI applications that seamlessly integrate with your business, unlocking hidden potential to supercharge your sales and optimize workflows.

  1. Seamless Configuration and Ongoing Support:

Inogic’s proactive team ensures optimal performance by continuously monitoring and maintaining your AI app. We adapt to your evolving business needs, serving as a reliable partner throughout the app’s lifecycle, always available for support and fine-tuning.

  1. Advanced Reporting and Insights:

We leverage the power of Azure OpenAI to create cutting-edge reporting applications. These applications utilize predictive analytics and intelligent visualizations to anticipate market shifts, automate reports, and extract valuable insights from even the most complex data.

  1. AI-Powered Decision Making:

Inogic harnesses Azure OpenAI’s algorithms to build AI-powered decision engines. These applications analyze complex data, uncover hidden patterns, predict trends, and suggest optimal actions, empowering you to make automated and data-driven strategic decisions.

Besides this, Inogic also helps businesses using Microsoft Copilot for various modules in building hi-tech AI Applications.

What’s More?

Inogic Services division is also popular as a Power Apps Dedicated Offshore Developer, an expert in Dynamics 365 Development Services, Power Platform Technical Support and Consultation, and much more!

The Professional Services Division of Inogic designs and develops AI applications for clients using Copilot in Dynamics 365 SalesDynamics 365 Customer ServiceDynamics 365 Field ServiceDynamics 365 Marketing, and Copilot Power Apps. The division also provides services to create AI-enabled conversational chatbots using Copilot Studio.

Check out our Website or write to the experts at crm@inogic.com

Be AI-ready with Inogic Professional Services!

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