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A portal is always created as a trial. A trial portal, which expires after 30 days, is useful for trying out its capabilities at no cost. After it expires, the portal is suspended and shut down. Seven days after it’s suspended, the trial portal is deleted.  As an administrator, you can convert a trial or suspended portal to a production portal. When converting a portal from trial to production, you must ensure that the environment is also a production environment. You can’t convert a trial portal to a production portal in a trial environment.

It is always recommended to convert your portals to Production to avoid this situation. However, there are numerous situations where you set up a Power Platform trial environment (30 days) to play around with the portal features, for designing Proof of concept (POC), demonstrating portal features to the client and may be for your own learning and RnD purpose. And you might need to extend the portal trial for another 30 days rather converting it to Production due to not having appropriate license or limited storage capacity.

Today, in this #PowerGuideTip, I am going to share a Tip to extend the portal trial period.

Note: When the trial portal gets expired, portal configurations still remain in the Dataverse.


  • Extend portal trial (for MVPs)
  • Extend portal trial (for Non-MVPs)

As you can see below, I have 2 portals in two different environments where one has got suspended for 7 days after 30 days trial period and another one has got deleted after 30 days trial period + 7 days suspension period. And when I try to convert the suspended portal to production, I get the license issue. However, I want to extend my trial portal in order to connect it with my portal configuration already available in the Dataverse.

Portal is in Suspended state for 7 days after 30 days trial and will be removed after 3 days
Suspended Portal
Portal got deleted after 30 days trial and no longer in the App list
Deleted Portal
Can’t convert my Trial Portal to Production due to not having appropriate license


For MVPs

As you know, being an MVP you get the free subscription of Microsoft 365 for 1 year, where you can leverage the Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform capabilities at no cost. However, when you install the portal in that environment, it gets expired after 30 days as a normal process. Since your environment will be up and running until you have the MVP tag, you would also like to make your portal alive till then. So here is the way to do that…

Step 1 – Go to PowerApps Maker Portal and Choose your Environment

Step 2 – Create a new portal (of same type which was installed earlier) and choose ‘Use data from existing website record’

Step 3 – Browse the portal

Portal is again available for 30 days
Portal is Up and Running

For Non MVPs

For non MVPs, you get the trial environment only for 30 days, however you can extend it for 30 days more. Hence, your trial portal can also be extended only for 30 days. There might be a situation, where you have the Dynamics 365 license, however you want to install the portal in your licensed environment only for POC/Demo/RnD purpose for no cost, then still you can perform the same steps as described below:

Step 1 – Go to Portal Office Admin page and Extend your Dynamics 365 trial period (skip this step if you already have Dynamics 365 license)

Step 2 – Perform the same Steps (1-3) described For MVPs

Useful Articles and References

Thank you for reading this article and hope you found it useful and valuable. Please share your feedback and hit subscribe to learn such more useful #PowerGuideTips. Stay tuned!


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