Power Apps Developer Bootcamp 2021

PowerApps Developer Bootcamp
From Fri 14th May To Thu 1st January
Maximize your productivity with AI Builder and Canvas Apps
Baris KANLICA – CEO @Mawens, Business Applications MVP

Would you like to enhance your business with AI? It is easy to add intelligence to your business and create tailored AI models to automate processes and find insights. In this session, I will demonstrate to you how AI models are designed to optimize your business processes in Microsoft Power Platform with AI Builder. Also, […]

Implicit Sharing and data privacy: applying DLP rules and migrating apps to a safe environment – Governance Tips.
Rudimar Baesso Althof – Power Apps Specialist @ AB-InBev

In this session, we are going to understand what implicit sharing is and how users that do not have access to our app can still access data. Since this can cause data privacy issues, we are going to see how to cope with this by moving the app and connections to a dedicated environment where […]

Build amazing apps as HTML web resource using React
Danish Naglekar – Senior Technical Architect

In this session we will build a React app in a supported way that it can be deployed to Dataverse easily as HTML web resource. We will also look at how to debug these React app after deployment using Fiddler. 🌟 This session will be all live coding and no PowerPoint presentation

Model driven power apps integration with Microsoft Business Central
Nesh Pattali – IT Specailist

Model driven power apps integration with Microsoft Business Central

Hooked to PCF — React Hooks in PCF development —
🦸Diana Birkelbach – Principal Developer

When you write PCFs using React, do you prefer class components or functional ones? I prefer the functional components and React Hooks, and I would like to share with you why. Optimization and performance in that context are important too! We’ll have a look.

Power Apps (Canvas) – Monitoring with Azure Insights
– Sr. Consultant

In this session, I will speak about how to monitor the Power App usage, which navigation path of your app is most used by end users? How to trouble shoot the performance issues with your app?

Debug and test plugins, workflows, and security locally!
Magnus Gether Sørensen – Senior Consultant

Want to be able to debug your plugin code and forget all about plugin-traces? Want to be able to create tests which can validate that your implemented business logic works as intended – including what you wrote several years ago? XrmMockup is a test-framework that can simulate your D365 environment locally, along with any plugin […]

Working with Power Apps Galleries
Reza Dorrani – Microsoft MVP / Principal Consultant

Join this session to learn how to leverage the Gallery control in Power Apps. A Gallery control can show multiple records from a data source, and each record can contain multiple types of data. We will cover building galleries, connecting to forms, filtering galleries, styling galleries and much more with demos & best practices.

Introduction to Microsoft Dataverse for Teams
Reza Dorrani – Microsoft MVP / Principal Consultant

Join this session to learn how to leverage the built-in, low-code data platform capability (Microsoft Dataverse) for Teams and enable everyone to easily build and deploy Apps for Microsoft Teams.

Reduce API calls with Power Automate expressions
Krishna Vandanapu – MVP Power Apps, Power Automate – Business Applications MVP

We need to be more diligent while creating Power Automate flows because each and every user license has its own limited number of API calls. The best maker should always create a flow within these limits. In this session, we will know how to avoid unnecessary API calls step by step.

Debugging and Monitoring in PowerApps
Krishna Vandanapu – MVP Power Apps, Power Automate – Business Applications MVP

It is always important to know how to debug a App as a maker, in this session you will learn how to debug canvas and model-driven app. How to debug a canvas app deployed in UAT & production.

The Rebirth of Virtual Entities
Ivan Ficko – Software Architect

It’s been a while since you heard of virtual entities, but with the latest update, they are back in action with some amazing additions. Join the session if you want to learn when and why to use virtual entities in the first place or maybe you are familiar with the concept, but you want to […]

Power Apps designs and Formatting with a Conditional Statement
Adewale Yusuf (MVP, MCSA, MCDA, MCT) – Business Application Solutions Specialist

This session will focus on designing and formating canvass app properties with an if statement and nested IFS and to discover how to customize the design to fit your brand, add images and buttons, validate user data, and auto-populate form fields.

Unlock the Power of Virtual Tables
Chris Piasecki – Senior Consultant

This session will explore the potential of Virtual Tables, an underutilized feature that provides a way to interact with external data as if it were natively stored in Dataverse. There are exciting new features for Virtual Tables that will also be demonstrated so don’t miss out!

Quick Tips For Getting Your Power Apps UI to the Next Level
Leonardo Russo – Power Apps Developer @ AB-Inbev

Before doing anything in your Power App, the first thing user is going to notice is the UI. How it feels? How it looks? Is it familiar? Is it confuse? Join our session and let’s explore how we can enhance the visual experience of Power Apps with very simple resources and concepts.

power portals authentication licence

Licence, using powerportals with ser autenticated over than 1000 users

power portals authentication licence

Licence, using powerportals with ser autenticated over than 1000 users

ALM for Power Platform with Azure DevOps
Stefano Demiliani – Microsoft MVP, MCT, CTO

The Power Platform offers a low-code approach for developing applications, but also in a low-code scenario it’s extremely important to apply ALM and DevOps techniques to your application lifecycle, from development to testing to release. In this session we’ll see how to apply real-world ALM processes for Power Platform by using Azure DevOps. Complete solution […]

PCF – There are 3 Sides to every story (Model, Canvas & Portals)
Scott Durow – Solution Architect

Join Scott to hear about the current evolution of PCF and how it fits with the Low-Code paradigm in Model-Driven, Canvas and Portal Apps. This session will show examples of how ‘no cliffs’ development applies to these 3 types of App, and important considerations and tips you’ll need to know.

Build your app using a no-code chatbot
Renato Romão – Senior Office 365 Developer

Power Platform has a great opportunity to improve your business with low-code tools. In this session, I will provide a no-code experience to integrate Power Apps with Power Virtual Agents.

ALM for Power Platform – Zero to Hero
Dharanidharan Balasubramaniam – Computer Scientist

In this session, I will explain in detail the Application Life cycle Management(ALM) for the Power platform, Solution stratergy and how to move the Power Platform components from one environment to another environment using Microsoft Power Platform Build Tools.

3 simple techiniques to deliver a great UI

I will talk about techiniques I to produce enhaced UI in Power Apps. This is mainly achieved using SVG and HTML to enhance the app looks.

Lightning fast PCF delivery
Ivan Ficko – Software Architect

Join this session to learn how to make your PCF development faster and more efficient. We will see which tools to use to speed up the whole process in the development phase. Starting a project, debugging & automation are just some of the topics that will be covered in this session.

Dataverse Webhooks 101
Ivan Ficko – Software Architect

Have you ever encountered the Dataverse constraint that limits your use of well-known software libraries, imposes a sandbox mode restriction or requires that all background processes end within 2 minutes? The answers to these questions lie in the use of Azure Functions technology that allows us to perform long-lasting and complex processes in the cloud. […]

Extend your chatbot with skills and unlock the Power
Maria del Mar Llambí Morillas – Business Solutions Technical Architect

Power Virtual Agents is the key to bring the chatbot development and the Power User together. However, there is a key that only the best will be able to unlock: the hidden levels. The availability of black boxes developed in Azure will ensure that our characters can face any situation and the chatbot can finally […]

Embed everything! Combine all Power Platform features!
Mats Necker – CTO

Power Platform offers a lot of different tools, half the way is knowing when to use what. And if you really want to get your solutions to the next level, integrating these tools is the way to go. In this session we will do live demos of different ways to join the structured world which […]

Embed Canvas Apps in Outlook for custom experiences
Mats Necker – CTO

Canvas Apps provide an awesome way of presenting tailored UIs to your customers in order to enable them to solve their problems in the best possible way. However a lot of users still love their Outlook client and seem to spend most of their time writing mails in it. Power Apps already provides an built-in […]

Get Started with Power Apps Portals
Dhruvin Shah – Power Platform Consultant

During this session, we will talk about how we can get started with Power Apps Portals. We will build our first Portal App here!

PL – 400
Shyam Dhruv Sharma – Solutions Architect

An insight into the contents and good resources for preparing would be of immense benefit to community

PL-400: Power Platform Developer certification review
Julian Sharp – Power Platform solution architect and trainer

This session explains the scope of the PL-400 exam for Power Platform developers, reviews the objectives, explains what those objectives really mean, and directs you at resources to help you prepare for success.

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