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Planning and Configuring your Chart of Accounts Part 1: Main Accounts | June 25, 2021


Rachel Profitt, Senior Program Manager

Eric Pegors, Senior Program Manager

This Dynamics 365 Finance TechTalk series focuses in all the planning activities, setup, and configuration required to get started using the General ledger and finance features of Dynamics 365 Finance. The series includes sessions to cover main accounts, financial dimensions, account structures, advanced rules, calendars, and the ledger. The series includes a variety of product demonstrations, recommended practices for implementing, and a review of patterns and anti-patterns for deploying Dynamics 365 Finance. 

Part 1: Main Accounts

In part 1 of the series we will focus in on considerations and setup for Main accounts. Topics will include terminology, sharing versus not sharing, main account categories, and includes demonstrations of legal entity overrides.


Download Presentation (pdf)


See: Dynamics 365 FastTrack TechTalk Series – Planning and Configuring your Chart of Accounts




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