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Pin or Unpin records in the Timeline with PowerApps

As per the Oct 2023 Microsoft Update, one can now pin/unpin records to the timeline, keeping them at the top for easy access. This makes it easier for users to find the required records quickly, without having to scroll through the timeline.

By default, you can pin/unpin the Note table records only as you can see below,

Timeline with PowerApps

For any other activities if you want to enable the Pin/Unpin feature then,

  • Navigate to https://make.powerapps.com/.
  • Open the form of a table on which you want to enable the pin/unpin feature in the timeline. For example, the Account table as shown below,

Timeline with PowerApps

  • In the timeline properties, under ‘Activity types,’ select the desired activity, and then enable or disable the ‘Pin / Unpin’ feature for the same as shown below,

Timeline with PowerApps

Once you pin the records, they will be displayed under the Pinned section in the timeline as follows,

Timeline with PowerApps

Note: You can pin a maximum of 15 records, and they will stay at the top for a year unless you unpin them.


Thus, summarizes the process of pinning and unpinning records to the timeline with PowerApps

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