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Optimize sales conversation follow ups in 2 easy steps!

Taking time to speak with customers remains one of the best ways to build relationships and close deals faster. However, in a digital world it is often difficult to secure that moment of interaction. So when that moment happens, it is critical to focus on the conversation. Capturing valuable insights and next steps is a distraction at this precious time. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales conversation intelligence continues to harness AI technology to assist salespeople with just that it’s there as your chief note taker. Master conversation follow ups by uncovering value from each call and gaining a deeper understanding of your customer interactions.

We’re excited to introduce two new features designed to save time and allow users to quickly access the most relevant and valuable insights from their calls: 

  • Call categorization automatically categorize and tag short calls, making it easier to sift through large numbers of recordings and find valuable information. 
  • Question detection track all questions asked during customer conversations. Thus allowing salespeople to understand their customers’ concerns, areas for follow up, and help managers identify trending questions and coaching opportunities. 

Let’s dive into each one to learn more. 

Call categorization

Call categorization introduces a revolutionary way to manage call recordings and learn more about leads, as well as assist managers with identifying coaching opportunities within their teams. 

It is common for sales teams and contact centers to conduct many calls which are not successfully connected. This can lead to an overload of irrelevant data in call recording tables and a lot of noise for a seller and manager to wade through when reviewing calls for follow-up or best practice sharing. To address this issue, Dynamics 365 Sales conversation intelligence is introducing the Call categorization feature that automatically categorizes and tags short calls with 4 categories: 

  • Voicemail when a call reaches the customer’s voicemail. 
  • Contact unavailable when the person the seller is trying to reach is not available at that time. 
  • Reschedule request when the lead asks for a quick raincheck. 
  • Unwanted call for those calls where the customers requested to not be contacted again. 

Once the calls are tagged, it becomes easy for sellers, managers, and operations to identify and exclude irrelevant call data. Sales teams can save time by not having to hunt for calls. Instead, with call categorization, they can review relevant conversations to follow up on and share as best practice or learnings.

graphical user interface, application
Figure 1: call categorization

Question detection

When in the flow of a conversation multiple questions could be asked but the seller may not tackle them all within the call. Dynamics 365 Sales conversation intelligence now tracks all questions raised by customers and sellers during customer conversations. These are readyfor review and follow up almost immediately after the call has ended.

The new feature includes a “Questions” section in each call/meeting summary. The section tracks all questions asked during the call and groups them by customer or seller. This allows sellers and sales managers to easily locate and quickly jump to listen to a specific question within the conversation. By doing so, they gain a more in-depth understanding of the interaction. 

With this insight documented, sellers can quickly drill into customers’ objections and concerns. In addition, they can review those open items for action. 

graphical user interface, application
Figure 2: question detection

Next steps

With these productivity enhancements sellers can focus on engaging customers knowing their systems are working hard to remove complexity and optimize their sales conversation follow ups.  

To get started, enable the public preview of the Call categorization feature: First-run setup experience for conversation intelligence in sales app | Microsoft Learn 

Learn more about the Question detection feature: View and understand call summary page in the Dynamics 365 Sales Hub app | Microsoft Learn 

Learn more about conversation intelligence:Improve seller coaching and sales potential with conversation intelligence | Microsoft Learn 

Enable conversation intelligence in your organization:First-run setup experience for conversation intelligence in sales app | Microsoft Learn 

If you are not already a Dynamics 365 Sales customer and want to know more, take a tour andstart your free trial today

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