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One Minute Fixes – Can’t Call a Flow from a Power App

I have had 5 instances now of App users not having permission to call a flow from a button press. The error states they don’t have the ‘prvReadWorkflow’ permission, which means they don’t have permission to call the flow. This was never an issue when the flow wasn’t in a solution so it’s something to do with their security role.


The reason is because the flow is now stored in a Dataverse table and the user does not have the read permission for the record. The Basic User role should allow them access but for some reason it doesn’t. I have also tried to associate the flow to the app but that didn’t work.

Fortunately there is an easy fix, you have to share the flow as a ‘run-only’ users with the apps security group.


If you are sharing with everyone it’s a little more complex as there is no option to share a flow with everyone. Luckily there is a way, you have to share the flow record from the Dataverse table with everyone in the environment.

The steps are: (images below as well)

  • Go to make.powerapps.com
  • Open Advanced Settings
  • Click the filter funnel in top right corner
  • Select the Process table
  • Run Query
  • Select the flow
  • Click Share from top ribbon
  • Click Add User/Team
  • Select Look For Team
  • Select your Environment group
  • Click Select
  • Click Add
  • Make sure just ‘Read’ is selected
  • Click Share

The flow should now be fully shared with everyone to run from the app. 

There is one potential issue, if the user got access to flow url they would be able to see it and the logs. So if the flow is handling sensitive information make sure all the inputs/outputs are encrypted, and as always, never hardcode any passwords/secrets into the flow.





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