OData v2.0 Service removal date announcement

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The Organization Data Service is an OData v2.0 endpoint introduced with Dynamics CRM 2011. The Organization Data Service was deprecated with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement v8.0 in favor of the Web API, an OData v4.0 service.

Today, less than .06% of requests to Dataverse use this endpoint. Removing this endpoint will enable Dataverse to improve overall performance.

Also known as the OData endpoint or the REST endpoint when it was released, the Organization Data Service offers limited capabilities to only create, retrieve, update, or delete table data.

We plan to remove the Organization Data Service on November 11, 2022. Any code that uses the Organization Data Service should be migrated to use the Web API before that time.

Action Required:

  1. Use the Solution Checker to detect any JavaScript web resource code. The rule web-avoid-crm2011-service-odata should detect use in client-side code.
  2. Check any other code, including PowerShell scripts, that send requests to this endpoint: /xrmservices/2011/organizationdata.svc.
  3. Check any Power BI reports or Excel Data sources that may be using this endpoint.
  4. Please review the information in this best practices documentation for information to upgrade the code to use the Dataverse Web API:  Do not use the OData v2.0 endpoint.


This announcement does not involve the deprecated Organization Service SOAP endpoint. At this time, no date has been announced for the removal of that endpoint.

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