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New Process Advisor template enables deeper insight into bot conversation flows

What is Process Advisor?

Process Advisor is a feature of Power Automate that allows you to gain a better understanding of your business processes so you can optimize them. Process advisor offers task mining and process mining capabilities to do this.

To help get you started, process advisor offers several templates, including one for Power Virtual Agents.

What’s new compared to the previous template?

The process advisor offers a dialog map of how conversations have flown between topics, redirects, and their outcome. It focuses on activities that can be easily isolated versus the previous template that focused on individual, truncated, user and bot text messages.

The new template also comes with performance improvements, allowing it to run on large volumes of conversation transcripts.

Screenshot of the analytics tab of the Process Advisor Power Virtual Agents Template
The analytics tab of the Process Advisor Power Virtual Agents Template

What data does it use?

When using the Power Virtual Agents template, you can optionally provide a bot id. Process advisor then retrieves the conversation transcripts that are stored in the current Dataverse environment you are deploying the process advisor template in.

What are the available metrics?

The new power Virtual Agents process advisor template surfaces the session indicators below from your conversation transcripts.

  • Triggered topics
  • Redirects (either dialog or topic)
  • Events when no topic is identified or when a “did you mean” is thrown.
  • Confirmed success or failure
  • CSAT scores
  • Outcome of the session (resolved, escalated, abandoned).

A few additional attributes are also surfaced to further slide and dice:

  • Activity Type
  • Bot ID
  • Bot Name
  • Component Name
  • Component Schema Name
  • Component Type
  • Conversation ID
  • Conversation Start
  • Conversation Transcript ID
  • Session End
  • Session Outcome
  • Session Start
  • Session Turns
  • User ID

Process advisor also offers additional out-of-the-box insights and metrics that you can use to identify the activities that take the most time with your users.

Join our Power Virtual Agents community to share your ideas, provide your comments, and help drive the future direction of our product development.

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